April 29. 1996


The upcoming May 11Super Series #1 will have a new format for the Late-Model feature only.  All other division formats will remain the same.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide the best race competition and a high level of entertainment for the fans. we believe the following format for Late-Models will help us all achieve this goal.

1. Late-Model feature will pay a possible $3000 to win, an increased total purse. and no increase in Superserres pit admission price of $23.00

2. Feature event will be  50 laps with a 15 minute pit stop.

3. On lap 25. Late-Models may enter their pit for any adjustments.

4. A 15 minute clock on the score-board will be started for all crews to be aware of time remaining

5. A 2  minute warning siren will be sounded as a time reminder.

6. All cars must be out of the pit area and ready to line-up on the front straight within the 15 minute time limit.

7. If time runs out and you are not in position on the front straight. you will go to the back.

8. The feature will pay $2500 to win. plus a $250 bonus for the half-way leader plus a $250 bonus for the driver leading the most laps.

9. During this 15-minute pit stop. our three staff announcers. Dow Carnahan, Tedd Williams and Jeff Penriington will be entertaining the fans with driver and crew chief interviews over the P. A. ssystem. We are sure you can see that your cooperation is extremely valuable to the fan appreciation and involvement in this format.

It), For this Superseries event. all Late-Models will pit on the front row with extra parking space between rigs. This is necessary so that when you pit during the pit stop your race car should be parked length wise giving the fans greater visibility. DO NOT PIT NOSE IN!!

We hope you see the team competition and fan involvement in this format. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping to upgrade the interest in short-track racing. as the level of new fan interest continues to grow.


Miley Motorsports