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April 15, 2006


Right Place at the Right Time Nets Opening Night Win for WV’s Lou Bradich



PITTSBURGH, PA (April 15, 2006) - A wild opening Saturday night at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, saw Chester, WV’s Lou Bradich inherit the 25-lap Late Model feature win, while Baldwin’s Mike Cecere took the first checker of the season in the Crate Late Models. Weirton WV’s Kevin Miller was the winner of the E-mod feature, and veteran driver Ron O’Patchen from Scott Twp. claimed the victory in the Pure Stocks. Carnegie’s  Adam Chytil took home the trophy in the Amateur Stocks, and taking the first feature win in the new 4-cylinder teen division, “The Young Guns” , was Kennedy Twp’s Rich Mason.


The NAPA Late Models saw Bradich and Tim Gould bring the field down for the green. Bradich took the lead at the start, with Lynn Geisler, Keith Barbara, Steve Baker, and Gould in tow. Bradich had things well in hand for the first half of the event, while Geisler and Barbara battled for second, and Baker in a solid fourth. Lap 14 saw Barbara take second from Geisler, while Baker moved in on Geisler to battle for third. A lap 16 restart is when the event really changed. Bradich’s handling started to fade, as Barbara pulled even, while Geisler had his hands full holding off Baker, and defending track champ, John Flinner. Geisler spun in turns three and four collecting Baker, sending him into the fourth turn wall, and ending his night. Geisler went to the tail, with Flinner, Mark Banal and Michael Davis moving into the top five. Barbara took the lead from Bradich on lap 18, and pulled away to take an apparent win. Davis battled with Bradich for second, getting by him at the start/finish line at the checker. In post race inspections, Barbara was disqualified for a deck height infraction, with second place finisher Davis being disqualified for illegal spoiler sides.   Bradich got the win, with Flinner second, followed by Dave Wade, Mark Banal, Scott Gunn, Rich Apolito, Mike Johnson, Geisler, Bob Williams, and Jared Miley. Gunn and Wade notched heat race wins.


In the Advance Auto Parts Crate Late Models, Cecere and Nick Duratz led the field down for the start. Cecere took the lead at the drop of the green and was never headed. Kirk Young moved into second and gave chase, but could not pass the fleet Cecere. Pete Rech had a career best run to finish third, followed by Duratz, Tim Folmer, Jason Rider, Bobby Castlevetter, Laura Lukon, Wes Wheeler, and Kyle Lukon. Larry Marks and Pete Rech took the heat victories.


The E-Mod feature saw Miller take the lead off early leaders, Shawn Domhoff and Mike Basich and sail to the win. Basich was second, followed by Mike Hess, Domhoff, Chris Basich, Tom Martineck, J.E. Stalder, Wayne Tessean, Bill Westlake, and Dennis Niederriter. Stalder and Hess won the heats.


In the Pure Stocks, O’Patchen grabbed the lead from early leader Craig Koteles and was never seriously challenged. Nick Kocuba was second, followed by Jeff Broniszewski, Darryl Robison, Jake Simmons, Craig Kamicker, Bill Robertson, Joe Anthony, Mitch Wattalet, and Koteles. Kamicker and Robertson claimed the heat race wins.


The Amateur Stocks saw Chytil move past Davy Lee on lap 6 for the win. Robby Torrens was second with Eric Goldberg, Lee, John Chipps Jr., Todd Evans, Rich Gorsuch, Jason Herniak, Terry Kerr, and Frank Piccolino trailing. Torrens took the heat win.


The Young Guns saw four cars show up, but only two made the call for their main. Mason III took the win over Dusty Curry.



Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway April 15 Race Results

Late Models

Heat Race Winners:  Scott Gunn, Dave Wade

Feature (25 Laps):  1) Lou Bradich, 2) John Flinner, 3) Dave Wade, 4) Mark Banal, 5) Scott Gunn, 6) Rich Apolito, 7) Mike Johnson, 8) Lynn Geisler, 9) Bob Williams, 10) Jared Miley, 11) Tony Musolino, 12) Brandon Burgoon, 13) Steve Baker, 14) Tim Gould, 15) Keith Rodriguez, 16) Dave Hess Jr.,17) Bob Moskey, 18) Jim Stephans, 19) Dane Laraway, 20) Keith Barbara DQ,  21) Michael Davis DQ,  22) Jim Arcuragi.


Crate Late Models

Heat Race Winners:  Larry Marks, Pete Rech

Feature (20 Laps)  1) Mike Cecere, 2) Kirk Young, 3) Pete Rech, 4) Nick Duratz, 5) Tim Folmer, 6) Jason Rider, 7) Bobby Castelveter, 8) Laura Lukon, 9) Wes Wheeler, 10) Kyle Lukon, 11) Mark Moats Jr., 12) John Hobbs Jr.,13) Larry Marks, 14) Bryan Hoffman, 15) John Cain III.



Heat Race Winners:  J.E. Stalder, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature (15 Laps):  1) Kevin Miller, 2) Mike Basich, 3) Dave Hess Jr., 4) Shawn Domhoff, 5) Chris Basich, 6) Tom Martineck, 7) J.E. Stalder, 8) Wayne Tessean,  9) Bill Westlake, 10) Dennis Niederriter,11) Daryl Charlier, 12) Mitch Basich, 13) Bruce Dreistadt, 14) Joel Johns, 15) Joe Pemberton, 16) David Mercer, 17) Harvey, 18) Cody Barack, 19) Bob Williamson, 20) Jeff Bametzrieder, 21) Herm Myers DNS


Pure Stocks

Heat Race Winners:  Craig Kamicker, Darryl Robison

Feature (15 Laps):  1) Ron O’Patchen, 2) Nick Kocuba, 3) Jeff Broniszewski, 4) Darryl Robison, 5) Jake Simmons, 6) Craig Kamicker, 7) Bill Robertson, 8) Joe Anthony, 9) Mitch Wattalet, 10) Craig Koteles, 11) Gary Koteles, 12) James Wagner, 13) Stacie White, 14) Charlie DiLoreto, 15  A.J. Poljak, 16) Aaron Jones, 17) Bob Heim DNS.          


Amateur Stocks

Heat Race Winner:  Robby Torrens

Feature (12 Laps):  1)  Adam Chytil, 2) Robby Torrens, 3) Eric Goldberg, 4) Davy Lee, 5) John Chipps Jr., 6) Todd Evans, 7) Rick Gorsuch, 8) Jason Herniak, 9) Terry Kerr, 10) Frank Piccolino, 11) Butch Levandosky DNS


Young Guns

Feature:   1) Rich Mason III, 2) Dusty Curry,  3) Todd Janas DNS,  4) Nick Johnson DNS