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August 13, 2006


Dream Season Continues for Lou Bradich; Schirnhofer, Miller, Robison, Chytil and Schrum Also Win at PPMS.


PITTSBURGH, PA (August 12, 2006) - Lou Bradich, Chester, WV won his seventh feature of the year and 30th career PPMS Late Model win. Ben Miley and Doug Dodd brought the field down to the green. Fourth starting Steve Baker grabbed the lead going down the back straight, with Miley, Dodd, Dave Wade and sixth starting Bradich in tow. After a couple quick yellows, Baker resumed the lead, while Bradich began to work his way thru the field. Dodd replaced Miley for second on lap 3, while Bradich moved by Wade and Miley to get into third by lap 4. Bradich moved by Dodd for second on lap 5 and set after Baker. Baker on the other was intent on pulling away, which he did. By lap 10 Baker had an almost straightaway lead, and maintained that past half way. By lap 16 Baker was hitting traffic, and slowed his pace by lap 18, which allowed Bradich to close a bit. On lap 20, Baker slowed, and on the 21st lap Bradich got by. Bradich led the next four laps to the checker, while Baker settled for second. Lynn Geisler got by Doug Dodd on the last lap for third, while Dodd in his second appearance of the season was fourth. Jared Miley finished fifth followed by Wade, Ben Miley, 20th starting Al Atallah, Jim Stephans, and Rich Apolito. Keith Rodriguez and Mike Davis grabbed the heats.


     Dormont PA’s Tommy Schirnhofer took his second win of the season in dominating style in the Advance Auto Parts Crate Late Models. Schirnhofer took the lead on lap 3 and never looked back as the young driver won by a straightaway. Kyle Lukon had a strong run to finish second, with another top rookie Jason Rider in third. Mike Cecere was fourth with Pete Rech, Nick Jones, Laura Lukon, Wes Wheeler, Ray Brown, and Bryan Hoffman trailing. Tommy Schirnhofer also grabbed a heat, as did Kyle Lukon.


     In the Lincoln Welder E-Mods, Kevin Miller Toronto, OH took his third win of the season. Miller took the lead at the start and held off early challenges from Chuck Kennedy and Wayne Tessean, and a strong late race challenge from Chris Basich for the win. Chris Basich settled for second, with Tessean, Kari Gasser and Shawn Domhoff (who recovered from an early race spin), to round out the top five. Sixth thru tenth included Kennedy, Daryl Charlier, Tom Martineck, Bruce Dreistadt, and Joel Johns. The two heats saw Wayne Tessean and Shawn Domhoff pick up checkers.


     The WBGN TV Pure Stocks saw one of the best battles of the night; with South Beaver Township, PA’s Darryl Robison taking his first win of the season. Robison took the lead at the outset, but did not have an easy time of it as point leader Craig Kamicker moved in to second on lap 2, and pushed Robison the rest of the distance. Last week’s big Pure Stock 20 winner Jake Simmons moved into contention in the late stages, as did Jeff Broniszewski. Simmons ended up third, with Broniszewski in fourth while A.J. Poljak finished fifth. Nick Kocuba was sixth at the flag, followed by Bill Robertson, E.J. Vasko, C.J. Morley, and Bob Schwartzmiller. Darryl Robison capped off a great night by also taking a heat, as did Craig Kamicker.


     In the Amateur Stocks, Adam Chytil McDonald, PA took his 7th win of the season, tops in the class. Chytil overcame early leads by Josh Langer (in the point leader Robby Torrens #22), and Eric Goldberg, plus withstood a serious late race challenge by Davy Lee to take the win. Langer finished second (after fading to sixth at one point), followed by Scott Schemp (in the Gorsuch #19), Todd Evans, Rich Cooper, Goldberg, Matt Perry, Derek Stefanick and Terry Kerr. Davy Lee and Adam Chytil took the heats.


    Popular Sarah Schrum of Canfield, OH took her third win of the season in the Young Guns. Schrum pulled a hole shot on the start, and pulled away for the win. Dusty Curry ran second with Rich Mason third, Nick Johnson fourth, Todd Janus fifth, Tyler Fox sixth and Devin Tomei in for seventh.




Late Models

Heats – Keith Rodriguez and Michael Davis

Feature (25 Laps) – 1. Lou Bradich, 2. Steve Baker, 3. Lynn Geisler, 4. Doug Dodd, 5. Jared Miley, 6. Dave Wade, 7. Ben Miley, 8. Al Atallah, 9. Jimmy Stephans, 10. Rich Apolito, 11. Michael Davis, 12. Brandon Burgoon, 13. Keith Rodriguez, 14. Tony Musolino, 15. Butch D’Antonio, 16. Scott Gunn, 17. Jim Lepro, 18. Tom Bateman, 19. Dennis Niederriter, 20. Scott Peltz, 21. Matt Flesher, 22, Keith Barbara (DNS)


Advance Auto Parts Crate Late Models

Heats – Tommy Schirnhofer and Kyle Lukon

Feature (20 Laps) – 1, Tommy Schirnhofer, 2. Kyle Lukon, 3. Jason Rider, 4. Mike Cecere, 5. Pete Rech, 6. Nick Jones, 7. Laura Lukon, 8. Wes Wheeler, 9. Ray Brown, 10. Bryan Hoffman, 11. J. R. Wright, 12. John Hobbs, 13. Drew Koteles, 14. Tim Folmer, 15. Mark Moats, 16. Nick Duratz, 17. Larry Marks, 18. Brad Westover


Lincoln Welder E-Modifieds

Heats – Wayne Tessean and Shawn Domhoff

Feature (15 Laps) – 1. Kevin Miller, 2. Chris Basich, 3. Wayne Tessean, 4. Kari Gasser, 5. Shawn Domhoff, 6. Chuck Kennedy, 7. Daryl Charlier, 8. Tom Martineck, 9. Bruce Dreistadt, 10. Joel Johns, 11. Joe Pemberton, 12. David Mercer, 13. Stush Sadowski, 14. Denny Nakutis, 15. Herm Myers, 16. Dale Charlier


WBGN-TV Pure Stocks

Heats – Bill Robertson and Craig Kamicker

Feature (15 Laps) – 1. Darryl Robison, 2. Craig Kamicker, 3. Jake Simons, 4. Jeff Broniszewski, 5. A. J. Poljak, 6. Nick Kocuba, 7. Bill Robertson, 8. E. J. Vasko, 9. C. J. Morley, 10. Bob Schwartzmiller, 11. Russ Volponi, 12. Don Bauerle


Amateur Stocks

Heats – Davy Lee and Adam Chytil

Feature (12 Laps) – 1. Adam Chytil, 2. Davy Lee, 3. Josh Langer, 4. Scott Schemp, 5. Todd Evans, 6. Rich Cooper, 7. Eric Goldberg, 8. Mark Perry, 9. Derek Stefanick, 10. Terry Kerr, 11. Frank Piccolino, 12. Butch Levandosky


Young Guns

Feature (5 Laps) – 1. Sarah Schrum, 2. Dusty Curry, 3. Rich Mason, 4. Nick Johnson, 5. Todd Janus, 6. Tyler Fox, 7. Devin Tomei