Camping Policies

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Pittsburgher 100

Campers may arrive when they wish and set up around the perimeter of the main lot. Upon arrival, campers must report to the track office to purchase a camping permit ($50) and post the provided placard on their camper vehicles. Campers not pre-registered (see instructions below) by Saturday or immediately upon arrival will be charged $75. In other words, if we have to chase you down, it’s $75! The office is located at the Turn 4 side of speedway in the end of the block building under the main grandstand. We have to charge fees to cover the costs of the township officers who we have to hire for camping to be allowed.

Drivers are permitted to leave haulers in the pits overnight at no charge. Drivers may also camp in their haulers in the main lot overnight if they wish at no charge. However, the $50 fee will still apply to any campers/RVs.

General Policy (applies to ALL events)

Camping at the Speedway is permitted and encouraged. You must register in advance using this form, which can be submitted to the email address or mailing address listed on our contact page.

  1. Plenty of camping space is available around the perimeter of the main grandstand parking lot on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Per township ordinance, no tents permitted.
  3. No hook-ups.
  4. All campfires should be limited to a small size (no bonfires). No metal, glass, or nails.
  5. No dirt bikes.
  6. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and golf carts are permitted; both should only be driven from point to point and must observe a 5 MPH speed limit, which will be strictly enforced. Limit of 2 passengers per ATV. ATVs and golf carts may not be used to pull trailers. All violators will be evicted from premises.
  7. No vehicles, including ATVs and golf carts, are permitted in the woods or areas other than the main grandstand parking lot. Violators will be evicted. All ATVs and golf carts must be registered. PPMS reserves the right to ground all ATVs and golf carts at any time.
  8. All campers must register and receive a placard to be placed on their camper in plain view per township ordinance. Registration forms are available here and at the track office. Campers must turn the form in at the track office and will receive a placard.
  9. Quiet hours are midnight to 8 AM. Security reserves the right to address excessive noise at any time.
  10. No overnight spectator camping is permitted in the pit area.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this policy.


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