Wayne Carbo from Saxonburg was the winner of the Second Annual Wee Willie White Memorial at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday night.  Carbo earned $1000 for the hard fought victory that featured an amazing side-by-side race for the win, in the Sunoco Sportsman event sanctioned by the Homak Manufacturing Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series.  Mike Pegher, Jr. from Cranberry Township was a dominant winner in the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models.  Other feature winners on Chartiers Valley School Race Night were Levi Spinneweber of Butler in the Super6 Late Models, Dave Sheriff of Imperial in the Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, Ben Anton of Jefferson Hills in the Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, and Bill Tennant of Colliers, WV in the CruiseAmerica Open Fours.

Clinton Hersh and Jamie Wrightsman led the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Model feature to the green flag, that would run the 20 lap distance non-stop.  Hersh led from the start, as tenth starting Mike Pegher, Jr. was quickly slicing through the field.  With an inside pass off of turn two, Pegher would take the lead on lap 3.  Once in front, he built a commanding lead of 6.356 seconds at halfway.  Daryl Chalier from 12th starting spot took second Hersh on lap 9, but would finish second, 6.731 seconds behind at the finish.  For Pegher, the track record holder who dominated the class for many years before moving into the Super Late Models, his 19th victory in the division was his first in nearly four years, since July 28, 2013.  Wrightsman was third for his best finish of the season, after passing Hersh in the closing laps.  Justin Lamb was fifth, and he and Charlier are now tied for the division point lead.  Mike Reft, Jake Gunn, Chuck Medved, Christian Schneider, and Brian Swank completed the top ten.  Heat winners were Reft and Charlier.

A field of 43 drivers were on hand for the Wee Willie White Memorial for the Sunoco Sportsman, sanctioned by the Homak Manufacturing Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series.  Four qualifying heats were run, which were won by Chris Schneider from fourth, Todd Weldon from third, Daryl Charlier from the pole, and Wayne Carbo from sixth.  The top two finishers went into the dash race to determine the top eight starting positions.  Brian Rhed and Rusty Moore won the two B-Mains to round out the starting field.  Todd Weldon was the winner of the dash to earn the pole position of the 20 lap main, however, issues with his car forced him to scratch for the main event.

Weldon’s misfortune would see Carbo and Andy Buckley leading the field to green, with Carbo leading early.  The first caution period came with one lap scored for a Rod Laskey spin.  Carbo would lead on the restart, but Buckley would battle back, taking the lead with an inside pass off of turn four to lead lap 3.  With Buckley low and Carbo high, they would wage a battle for the lead that saw Carbo regain the lead on lap 5.  On lap 7, Chris Schneider and Daryl Charlier would join the lead battle as they would slip by Buckley, as they raced three wide for the race lead.  Charlier would take the race lead at the halfway mark, but would bring out the next caution period as his mount failed on lap 11.  After a multi-car tangle before another lap would be scored, the restart would see an intense race for the lead with Schneider low and Carbo high.  Carbo would lead at the line, with Schneider faster on the back half of the track.  Schneider would get a good run to clear Carbo off of turn two working lap 17, but an incident in turn two would bring out the caution before another lap could be scored.  Regardless, they would start side by side on the final restart with three laps remaining.  Schneider led when the green waved, but Carbo got a good run off of the high side of turn two and would regain a lead that he would hold to the checkered flag, by .286 seconds over Schneider.  Buckley held on for third over Bobby Whitling and 18th starting Andrew Gordon.  Bob Schwartzmiller from 16th, Danny Rich, Nick Kocuba, 20th starting Randy Wyant, and Joel Johns rounded out the top ten.  The 12 lap Non Qualifiers Race went to Joe Stajnrajh, who passed runner-up Jamie Duncan for the lead on lap 2, with Noah Brunell, Jacob Billyk, and Mark Lee trailing.

The 8 lap Super6 Late Model feature went to heat race winner Levi Spinneweber, his third victory of the season in their five events that have been run.  He passed Justin Koebler on lap 3 and took the win over Koebler, Frank McFeaters, his father Mike Spinneweber, and Jim Thompson.

Casey Grumling and Adam Ferree led the 12 lap Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stock main to green with Ferree leading early.  Karlee Kovacs moved into second and started to close on the leader.  Working lap 3, leader Ferree’s car went up in smoke, dropping fluid on the track.  Kovacs spun in the fluid to bring out the event’s only caution period.  Justin Shipley inherited the race lead, and was feeling a challenge from Dave Sheriff as the laps wound down.  Sheriff made an outside pass off turn four to take the lead on lap 10, as he took the win over Shipley, point leader Kovacs, John Dotten, and Grumling.  Ferree was the heat winner.

Ben Anton collected his third straight feature win in the 6 lap Imperial Heights Garage Young Gun race.  Kayla McManus had led from the start, and appeared to be heading to victory as she was holding a lead of a couple car lengths in the late stages of the event.  However, coming to the white flag off of turn four, she made a slight bobble which allowed Anton to get by as the white flag was waved.  McManus settled for second ahead of Kyle Janas and Tyler Tennant.

Bill Tennant was the winner of the 8 lap CruiseAmerica Open Four feature.  Starting eighth after winning the earlier heat race, Tennant passed lap 1 leader Chris Knight on lap 2.  Andy Garlinger moved to second on lap 2, but was unable to close on Tennant in the non-stop event.  Early leader Knight was third, ahead of point leader Matthew Rubright and second in points Tom Anton.

Racing returns to Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday, August 12, with the biggest race of the season for the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models.  The 28th Annual Jook George Steel City Classic paying over $4,000 to the winner will be run as the Sweeney Chevrolet RUSH Dirt Late Model Series will be visiting.  Also in action will be the Sunoco Sportsman, Super6 Late Models, Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, and CruiseAmerica Open Fours.  For all racing programs, the gates open at 5:00 PM, with warm-ups at 6:00 PM and racing at 7:00 PM.  Follow us on Facebook at @PAMotorSpeedway or on Twitter at @PAMotorSpeedway for timely information updates.  The Twitter account is used extensively on race nights for live updates.  Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway is located west of the city of Pittsburgh, just south of the Noblestown exit of U.S. Route 22, or 170 Kelso Road in Imperial, PA, for GPS purposes.  The track phone is 412-279-RACE.  For complete information including ticket pricing information, please visit the track website at www.ppms.com .

Results for Saturday, August 5, 2017

Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 10, RJ1, Mike Pegher, Jr., Cranberry Township

2, 12, 12, Daryl Charlier, Midway

3, 2, 21J, Jamie Wrightsman, Cortland, OH

4, 1, 16, Clinton Hersh, Somerset

5, 6, 93X, Justin Lamb, Findlay Township

6, 5, 9R, Mike Reft, Whitehall

7, 4, 14G, Jake Gunn, McDonald

8, 3, 2M, Chuck Medved, Imperial

9, 8, 1ST, Christian Schneider, Burgettstown

10, 9, 12S, Brian Swank, Morgantown, WV

11, 11, 09, Bill Kessler, Freedom

12, 16, 3J, Paul Jablonski, Carnegie

13, 7, 12G, Brian Goebel, Beaver Falls

14, 17, 36B, Colby Beighey, Fombell

15, 13, 111, Pete Wearing, Evans City

16, 15, 31, D.J. Nakutis, Plum

17, 14, 10, Zachary Kane, Washington

Did not start, 18, 60M, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

Heat 1 – Mike Reft, Justin Lamb, Bill Kessler, Chuck Medved, Jake Gunn, Brian Goebel, Pete Wearing, D.J. Nakutis, Colby Beighey.

Heat 2 – Daryl Charlier, Mike Pegher, Jr., Jamie Wrightsman, Christian Schneider, Clinton Hersh, Brian Swank, Zachary Kane, Paul Jablonski, John Mollick.

Sunoco Sportsman / Penn Ohio Pro Stocks

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, 54, Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg

2, 5, 64, Chris Schneider, Creighton

3, 3, 965, Andy Buckley, Stoneboro

4, 10, 7W, Bobby Whitling, Seneca

5, 18, 25G, Andrew Gordon, DuBois

6, 16, 28S, Bob Schwartzmiller, Robinson Township

7, 8, 67X, Danny Rich, Imperial

8, 6, 10, Nick Kocuba, Bulger

9, 20, 11T, Randy Wyant, Cranberry

10, 9, M5, Joel Johns, Murrysville

11, 12, C8, Bill Hurrelbrink, Turkey City

12, 26, 16M, Rusty Martz, Brookville

13, 11, 84, Steve D’Apolito, North Lima, OH

14, 4, 73, Jason Fosnaught, Tarentum

15, 17, 7, Eric Piotrowski, Evans City

16, 13, 33, Joey Koteles, Harwick, PA

17, 23, 47, Cam Kraisinger, Mount Pleasant

18, 19, 92, Bobby Heim, Allison Park

19, 21, 69R, Brian Rhed, Brockport

20, 7, 114, Daryl Charlier, Midway

21, 14, 1B, Bill Robertson, Upper St. Clair

22, 24, 08, Jeff Broniszewski, Coraopolis

23, 15, 1R, Rod Laskey, Oil City

24, 25, 36, A.J. Poljak, Baldwin

25, 22, 17M, Rusty Moore, New Castle

Did not start, 1, 45, Todd Weldon, Monongahela

Non Qualifiers Race

1, 5, 04, Joe Stajnrajh, Oil City

2, 1, 67J, Jamie Duncan, Brookfield, OH

3, 7, 31, Noah Brunell, New Alexandria

4, 9, 4, Jacob Billyk, New Castle

5, 15, 25L, Mark Lee, Oakdale

6, 11, 81, Robert Betz, South Heights

7, 6, 13X, Ryan Moyer, Portersville

8, 8, 20J, Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford

9, 10, 19N, Troy Norman, New Castle

10, 14, W1, Jarrod Westover, Lisbon, OH

11, 4, 17, Jackson Humanic, Titusville

Did not start, 2, 00, Curt Bish, Oil City

Did not start, 3, 28, Fuzzy Fields, Brockway

Did not start, 12, 77, Heath Close, Shaler

Did not start, 13, 4S, Ricky Stigerwald, Robinson

Did not start, 16, 06R, Russ Byler, New Wilmington

Did not start, 17, 717, Leigh Wheeler, Polk

Heat 1 – Chris Schneider, Danny Rich, Joel Johns, Joey Koteles, Eric Piotrowski, Joe Stajnrajh, Jim Fosnaught, Fuzzy Fields, Jarrod Westover, Jamie Duncan, did not start, Leigh Wheeler.

Heat 2 – Todd Weldon, Jason Fosnaught, Bobby Whitling, Bill Robertson, Andrew Gordon, Brian Rhed, Cam Kraisinger, Russ Byler, Ryan Moyer, Troy Norman, Heath Close.

Heat 3 – Daryl Charlier, Nick Kocuba, Steve D’Apolito, Rod Laskey, Bobby Heim, Rusty Moore, Rusty Martz, Ricky Stigerwald, Jacob Billyk, Noah Brunell, Robert Betz.

Heat 4 – Wayne Carbo, Andy Buckley, Bill Hurrelbrink, Bob Schwartzmiller, Randy Wyant, Jeff Broniszewski, Jackson Humanic, A.J. Poljak, Curt Bish, Mark Lee.

B-Main 1 – Brian Rhed, Cam Kraisinger, Jamie Duncan, Fuzzy Fields, Joe Stajnrajh, Ryan Moyer, Jim Fosnaught, Troy Norman, Heath Close, Jarrod Westover, did not start Russ Byler, Leigh Wheeler.

B-Main 2 – Rusty Moore, Jeff Broniszewski, Curt Bish, Jackson Humanic, Rusty Martz, Noah Brunell, Jacob Billyk, Robert Betz, Ricky Stigerwald, Mark Lee, A.J. Poljak.

Dash – Todd Weldon, Wayne Carbo, Andy Buckley, Jason Fosnaught, Chris Schneider, Nick Kocuba, Daryl Charlier, Danny Rich.

Super6 Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 4, 10S, Levi Spinneweber, Butler

2, 1, 7, Justin Koebler, West Sunbury

3, 3, 1, Frank McFeaters, Butler

4, 5, 20, Mike Spinneweber, Butler

5, 2, 82, Jim Thompson, Butler

6, 6, 4B, Ed Dunkle, Butler

Heat 1 – Levi Spinneweber, Frank McFeaters, Mike Spinneweber, Jim Thompson, Ed Dunkle, Justin Koebler.

Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 8, 8, Dave Sheriff, Imperial

2, 7, 47, Justin Shipley, Portvue

3, 3, 221K, Karlee Kovacs, Carnegie

4, 5, 15, John Dotten, Carnegie

5, 1, 77X, Casey Grumling, Elrama

6, 2, 29, Adam Ferree, Jefferson Hills

7, 4, 33B, Stephen Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

Did not start, 6, 17S, Stephen Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

Heat 1 – Adam Ferree, Justin Shipley, 33 Stephen Shelpman, Karlee Kovacs, Casey Grumling, John Dotten, Dave Sheriff, did not start 17S Stephen Shelpman.

Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 3, 13, Ben Anton, Jefferson Hills

2, 2, 14, Kayla McManus, Elizabeth

3, 1, 89, Kyle Janas, Coraopolis

4, 4, 24, Tyler Tennant, Colliers, WV

CruiseAmerica Open Fours

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 7, 2, Bill Tennant, Colliers, WV

2, 8, R88, Andy Garlinger, Hopedale, OH

3, 6, 78, Chris Knight, Plum

4, 3, 44, Matthew Rubright, Harmony

5, 4, 64, Tom Anton, Jefferson Hills

6, 2, 19G, John Gill, Burgettstown

7, 1, X, Dale Rubright, Harmony

8, 5, 76, Jessica Knight, Plum

Did not start, 9, 95, April Tennant, Colliers, WV

Did not start, 10, 5, Craig Rudolph, Steubenville, OH

Heat 1 – Bill Tennant, Matthew Rubright, April Tennant, Andy Garlinger, John Gill, Chris Knight, Tom Anton, Dale Rubright, Craig Rudolph, Jessica Knight.