General Information

Comments and suggestions for continuous improvement in our rules packages are always welcome:

Rules of Procedure

PPMS Rules of Procedure (PDF)

Drone Policy

Anyone wishing to fly a drone at any time at our facility must fill out this form, which includes agreeing to a set of rules and policies. We will respond to your request with either written permission or a reason why your request was denied.

Anyone flying a drone without express written permission from Miley Motor Sports will be asked to leave the premises.

Visiting Series

In general, if a series races at PPMS, their rules will be implemented.

Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions

ASCoC Welcome Kit (PDF)


“Outlaw” rules, no weight rule, tethers required.

2018 410 Winged Sprint PPMS Tire Rule

Hoosier brand track-specific tires are Mandatory for all four corners.

Front Tires
Part #31-131 85/8.0-15 D12
Part #31-132 85/8.0-15 D15, D20
*Same as current front tires

Left Rear Tires
Part #38-137 15.0/90-15 H12
Part #38-147 15.0/92-15 H12
Part #38-157 15.0/94-15 (SHORT) H12
Part #38-159 15.0/94-15 H12, H15
Part #38-167 15.0/96-15 H12, H15

Right Rear Tires
Part #38-221 105/16.0-15 H15, H20, Medium
Part #38-230 105/18.0-15 W18

Small Block Modifieds

Teams must follow the Small Block rules as defined by the series. No exceptions. Contact Merle Black


Regular Divisions

Hoosier Super Late Models

Super Late Model Rules (PDF)

Any 11″ Hoosier Tire may be used at events using PPMS rules. For races held by other sanctioning bodies, you must follow their respective rules.

602 and 604 crate motors and their equivalents are not permitted.


Rules listed on the RUSH website.

PPMS Pro Stocks

New in 2018: Penn/Ohio Pro Stock rules will be used weekly. Download them here (PDF).

Any compound Hoosier Tire must be used at weekly PPMS events. Any brand tire may be used at Penn/Ohio events.

Engine Manimum  Weight (lbs)
GM 602 Crate 2600
Cars using 8 inch tires 2700
ALL OTHERS, including GM 604 2900

Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks

Hobby Stock Rules (PDF)

8/29/2018 – Last Saturday night we collected engine data in the Hobby Stock Class for our evaluation. Competitors, please read our the PPMS MOTOR rules and make sure YOUR MOTOR is in compliance. At our next event we will be vacuum checking all Hobby Stocks if time permits. If the manifold vacuum is less than 18 in. hg. you are illegal. Headers are ok.

9/8/18 event – DIEHL SUMMER SIZZLER $700 to win Twin 20’s for DIEHL AUTO RUSH Late Model Dirt Series, PPMS Pro Stocks, Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks, Open Motor Hobby Stocks, Three Rivers Karting Young Guns, Open 4’s. Open Motor HS and Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks will run separate heats, combined Feature, 2 winners. Only Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks legal cars will receive Championship points. Open Hobbies can have and open drivetrain, Manuel transmission ok. Open Hobby Stock driveline must meet weight rule for 350 motor.

Engine Minimum Weight (lbs)
305 3200
350 3400

Three Rivers Karting Young Guns

Young Gun Rules (PDF)

Black Label Business Center

Open 4-Cylinders – Points will end September 1.

Effective 9/8/18 Open 4’s must run street legal tires. We plan on developing a comprehensive rules package for 4 cylinder racing for the 2019 season.

Any compact size 4-cylinder that meets PPMS Safety Rules are permitted. This means keeping your roll cage, belts, helmet, fire suit, and other safety equipment in excellent condition. It is the responsibility of the drivers to ask tech inspectors to check their car before racing any laps.

Admission for both Young Gun and Open 4 drivers is $15. Inform the cashier at the ticket booth. All crew members must pay the pit fee being charged on a race nights.

These amateur trophy divisions are to gain driver experience and learn car control. THIS DIVISION IS NON-CONTACT. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO EXCUSES. We want you to have fun every week at the least cost possible!


Minor Waiver

Minor Waiver (PDF)

Adult Waiver

Adult Waiver (PDF)

Payoff Form

Payoff Form (PDF)

Media Information Form

Media Information Form (PDF)