General Information

Comments and suggestions for continuous improvement in our rules packages are always welcome:

Rules of Procedure

PPMS Rules of Procedure (PDF)

Drone Policy

Anyone wishing to fly a drone at any time at our facility must fill out this form, which includes agreeing to a set of rules and policies. We will respond to your request with either written permission or a reason why your request was denied.

Anyone flying a drone without express written permission from Miley Motor Sports will be asked to leave the premises.

Visiting Series

In general, if a series races at PPMS, their rules will be implemented.

Hoosier 410 Winged Outlaw Sprint Car Events

“Outlaw” rules, no weight rule, tethers required.

410 Winged Sprint PPMS Tire Rule

Hoosier brand track-specific tires are mandatory for all four corners.

Front Tires
Part #31-131 85/8.0-15 D12
Part #31-132 85/8.0-15 D15, D20

Left Rear Tires
Part #38-137 15.0/90-15 H12
Part #38-147 15.0/92-15 H12
Part #38-157 15.0/94-15 (SHORT) H12
Part #38-159 15.0/94-15 H12, H15
Part #38-167 15.0/96-15 H12, H15

Right Rear Tires
Part #38-221 105/16.0-15 H15, H20, Medium
Part #38-230 105/18.0-15 W18

Small Block Modifieds

Teams must follow the Small Block rules as defined by the series. No exceptions.


Rules listed on the RUSH website.

PPMS Pro Stocks

PPMS will use the PENN/OHIO Pro Stock Rules for 2020 except for tires, any HOOSIER compound LM type tire permitted.

Crate Motored cars will be permitted an 8 inch rear spoiler and a 4” x 32” LF SPILLBOARD.

Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks

Hobby Stock Rules (PDF)

Young Guns

Young Gun Rules (PDF)

PPMS 4 cylinder Rules

We are planning on using SCDRA type rules for the 4 cylinder division in 2020.

Rules 4 cylinder PPMS effective for 2020, based on SCDRA



Minor Waiver

Minor Waiver (PDF)

Adult Waiver

Adult Waiver (PDF)

Payoff Form

Payoff Form (PDF)

Media Information Form

Media Information Form (PDF)