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    Miley Motor Sports terms and conditions for drone pilots

    • Exercise common sense and follow all FAA rules when operating near buildings, vehicles, and people.
    • You accept full liability for any damage to any property or people caused by your aircraft, whether direct or indirect.
    • Miley Motor Sports shall not be liable for any damage to your equipment.
    • You must be available by cell phone at all times while your aircraft is in the air.
    • You must ground your aircraft immediately when instructed to do so by a track official.
    • Do not fly directly above the track during a green flag.
    • When a red flag is flown, you must ground your aircraft immediately in a safe, calm manner.
    • We are very close to Pittsburgh International Airport. You are responsible for determining whether any permission or coordination is required, and obtaining it as such.
    • Submission of this form does not constitute permission to fly. Please wait for a response from Miley Motor Sports.

    Visiting race series may have their own rules that are more strict than ours. You agree to also follow these rules when applicable.