The Ultimate Super Late Model Northeast Tour ran their inaugural event at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday night with Jared Miley from Pittsburgh earning the $3000 first place money.  Other night winners were Garrett Krummert from Ellwood City in the Big Block / Small Block Modifieds, Daryl Charlier from Midway in the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, Todd Weldon from Monongahela in the Sunoco Sportsman, and Chas Wolbert from Howland, OH in the RUSH Modifieds.

The Ultimate visit was Race 2 of the Diehl Automotive Super Series, and started with Alex Ferree and Jared Miley leading the field on the starting grid for 30 laps.  They would race hard for the race lead at the drop of the green with Ferree leading from the start.  Miley would nose ahead for the race lead on lap 3, but Ferree recoved to regain the lead the next time by.  The first caution came with 8 laps in, for an incident on the backstretch between Chad Hollenbeck and Colton Flinner, who were racing for seventh place.  Hollenbeck got the worst of it, as he was in some discomfort and required medical attention.  Once racing continued, Ferree and Miley continued their battle for the lead as Keith Barbara and Tony Musolino raced for third.  On lap 14, the leaders were battling each other and race traffic as Miley squeezed into the race lead.  Ferree ended up making contact with a slower car, which resulted in a flat tire to bring out the next caution.  Back to green, Miley controlled the field as Ferree rejoined the event after making a tire change.  At lap 20, Miley led Barbara, Musolino, Tommy Beck and Ferree, before Ferree slowed again to bring out the caution with another tire down.  One more lap would be run before Musolino slowed to bring out the final caution with nine laps remaining.  Miley would have no problems over the remaining laps, as he raced home the winner by 5.501 seconds.  Barbara made a charge for the lead on the final restart, but faded and settled for second.  Ferree came back through the field for third, unable to get by Barbara on the final lap.  Beck made his first visit of the season a good one in getting fourth, as Tommy Schirnhofer had a solid run for fifth.  Musolino recovered for sixth, as Jon Hodgkiss, Matt Dobnak, Chris Schnieder, and Steve Pyeritz filled the top ten.  Heat race winners were Ferree and Barbara.

Garrett Krummert had no issues during the 20 lap Modified feature, as he backed up his win earlier this season by going two for two on the season.  Starting from the pole, Krummert immediately grabbed the lead, as John Mollick moved from sixth to second in his first PPMS Modified start.  Brian Weaver and Brian Swartzlander raced for third as Krummert still showed the way.  The lead at halfway was 5.2 seconds, and was increasing by a second a lap as the lone caution period came with 13 laps in.  Back to green, Krummert again motored away in front, but Swartzlander got a good restart and moved up to second.  Swartzlander kept it close over the remaining laps, but it was Krummert with a 1.839 second win.  Mollick came home third over Weaver and Rick Regalski.  Weaver and Krummert won the heat races.

Greg Beach and Daryl Charlier led the 20 lap Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Model main to green with Charlier leading from the green.  Third starting Mike Pegher, Jr. quickly moved up to challenge, sticking a nose inside of Charlier on lap 3.  As the laps clicked by, Charlier appeared to get better and he was able to distance himself from Pegher and the competition.  Beach brought out the event’s only yellow with a spin on lap 15, setting up a five lap run to the finish.  This time Pegher not only stayed close, but made a late challenge for the top spot.  Charlier was up to the challenge, getting the win by .369 seconds in his Bud’s, NAPA Auto Parts McDonald Auto Supply, Tri State Motorsports number 12.  Pegher settled for a close second in his first start of the season.  Justin Lamb ran a solid third, with Ben Policz fourth.  Steve Beatty advanced from 13th to fifth, with Mike Reft, Eric Wilson, Christian Schneider, Jamie Wrightsman, and Brian Swank completing the top ten.  With 20 entries, Charlier and Pegher took heat race wins.

15 Sunoco Sportsman cars raced 15 laps, and it was 12th starting Todd Weldon as the class of the field in the non-stop event.  Ricky Stigerwald and Vince Laboon led the field to green with Laboon, aboard the Mike Harris 18, leading from the start.  Eighth starting Dave McManus was quickly up to second as Weldon entered the top five on lap 3.  Advancing to fourth on lap 4, Weldon continued his charge to the front as McManus challenged Laboon for the lead.  Working lap 6, McManus worked the outside lane to become the new leader on lap 7, as Weldon slipped by Danny Rich for third and was still charging to the front.  With an inside pass off of turn four, Weldon would become the new leader on lap 9.  Once in front, nothing was going to stop the People’s Gas, Two and a Fry Hot Dog Shop, Blackburn Gas Installations, Faster Chassis number 45.  Second was hotly contested over the final laps, with point leader McManus nosing Rich for runner up honors.  Laboon’s first start of the season netted fourth, with Jeff Broniszewski fifth in a new car.  Heat winners were McManus and Daryl Charlier.

The 15 lap RUSH Modified main had Brandon Michaud and Kole Holden atop the grid, but a first lap incident would be the only showdown of the event.  Holden, who had won the last event a month ago, grabbed the lead at the start.  Eighth starting Chas Wolbert moved to second by lap 1, but Rocky Kugel took it on lap 2.  The three drivers would race close for the top spot throughout the first lap of the event with Kugel making an outside pass in turn two to become the new leader on lap 8.  Wolbert got by Holden for second a lap later, and set his sights on Kugel.  Wolbert made a couple of strong bids to the outside, but Kugel was up to every challenge to take the win by .455 seconds over Wolbert.  However, Kugel was later disqualified for refusing post race tech, which awarded the win to Wolbert.  Holden advanced to second in the finishing order, with tenth starting Kyle Martell, Steve Slater, and 11th starting Chelsie Kriegisch filling the top five.  Kugel and Holden were heat winners.

Racing action returns to Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 22, with the biggest sprint car event of the season.  Falconi’s Moon Township Automotive will present Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Winged Sprints, with Series owner Tony Stewart planning on competing.  Also on the card will be a Sizzler Series event for the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, and the RUSH Modifieds.  For all racing programs, the gates open at 5:00 PM, with warm-ups at 6:00 PM and racing at 7:00 PM.  Follow us on Facebook at @PAMotorSpeedway or on Twitter at @PAMotorSpeedway for timely information updates.  The Twitter account is used extensively on race nights for live updates.  Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway is located west of the city of Pittsburgh, just south of the Noblestown exit of U.S. Route 22, or 170 Kelso Road in Imperial, PA, for GPS purposes.  The track phone is 724-695-3363 on race days, or call 412-279-RACE.  For complete information including ticket information, please visit the track website at .

Results for Saturday, July 15, 2017

Diehl Automotive Super Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, H1, Jared Miley, Pittsburgh

2, 3, 17, Keith Barbara, South Park

3, 1, 10, Alex Ferree, Valencia

4, 10, 91, Tommy Beck, Sewickley

5, 8, 8S, Tommy Schirnhofer, Dormont

6, 4, 36, Tony Musolino, Scott Twp.

7, 5, 69, Jon Hodgkiss, Kennedy

8, 9, 42, Matt Dobnak, West Mifflin

9, 7, 55, Chris Schnieder, Lower Burrell

10, 13, 38, Steve Pyeritz, Brentwood

11, 11, 13, Bill Yohe, Monongahela

12, 14, W3, John Wayne Weaver, Commodore

13, 15, 18, Chris Lander, Burgettstown

14, 12, 75, Colton Flinner, Allison Park

15, 6, 4Ds, Chad Hollenbeck, Kingsley

Heat 1 – Alex Ferree, Tony Musolino, Jon Hodgkiss, Chris Schnieder, Matt Dobnak, Bill Yohe, Steve Pyeritz.

Heat 2 – Keith Barbara, Jared Miley, Chad Hollenbeck, Tommy Schirnhofer, Tommy Beck, Colton Flinner, John Wayne Weaver, Chris Lander.


Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 1, 29, Garrett Krummert, Ellwood City

2, 5, 83, Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg

3, 6, 4J, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

4, 3, QR1, Brian Weaver, Windsor, NY

5, 2, 13, Rick Regalski, Slippery Rock

6, 8, 96, Mike Turner, Butler

7, 9, 18, Colton Walters, Evans City

8, 4, 75, Jeff Miller, Saxonburg

9, 10, 71, Randy Chronister, Slippery Rock

10, 7, 83T, Tom Glenn, Barkeyville

Heat 1 – Brian Weaver, Brian Swartzlander, Rick Regalski, Tom Glenn, Colton Walters.

Heat 2 – Garrett Krummert, John Mollick, Jeff Miller, Mike Turner, Randy Chronister.

Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, 12, Daryl Charlier

2, 3, RJ1, Mike Pegher, Jr.

3, 4, 93X, Justin Lamb

4, 9, 14B, Ben Policz

5, 13, B4, Steve Beatty

6, 5, 9R, Mike Reft

7, 10, 27W, Eric Wilson

8, 15, 1ST, Christian Schneider

9, 14, 21J, Jamie Wrightsman

10, 8, 12S, Brian Swank

11, 6, 12G, Brian Goebel

12, 16, 114G, Zach Gunn

13, 7, 3J, Jabo Jablonski

14, 19, 111, Pete Wearing

15, 1, 33X, Greg Beach

16, 18, 09, Bill Kessler

17, 17, 15H, Bryan Hoffman

18, 20, 31, D.J. Nakutis

19, 11, 16, Clinton Hersh

DQ, 12, 60M, John Mollick

Heat 1 – Daryl Charlier, Justin Lamb, Ben Policz, Eric Wilson, Mike Reft, Brian Swank, Steve Beatty, Christian Schneider, Bryan Hoffman, Pete Wearing.

Heat 2 – Mike Pegher, Jr., John Mollick, Clinton Hersh, Greg Beach, Brian Goebel, Jabo Jablonski, Jamie Wrightsman, Zach Gunn, Bill Kessler, did not start D.J. Nakutis.

Sunoco Sportsman

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 12, 45, Todd Weldon, Monongahela

2, 8, 114, Dave McManus, Elizabeth

3, 3, 67X, Danny Rich, Imperial

4, 2, 18, Vince Laboon, Bridgeville

5, 6, 08, Jeff Broniszewski, Coraopolis

6, 4, 36, A.J. Poljak, Baldwin

7, 5, 1B, Bill Robertson, Upper St. Clair

8, 11, 96, Davy Lee, Independence

9, 7, 7, Eric Piotrowski, Evans City

10, 9, 81, Robert Betz, South Heights

11, 13, 08H, Brian Huchko, Coraopolis

12, 15, A22, Bill Slade, Bethel Park

13, 14, W1, Jarrod Westover, Lisbon, OH

14, 1, 4S, Ricky Stigerwald, Robinson

15, 10, 14, Daryl Charlier, Midway

Heat 1 – Dave McManus, Todd Weldon, A.J. Poljak, Davy Lee, Danny Rich, Bill Robertson, Brian Huchko, Bill Slade.

Heat 2 – Daryl Charlier, Jeff Broniszewski, Vince Laboon, Ricky Stigerwald, Eric Piotrowski, Robert Betz, Jarrod Westover.

RUSH Modifieds

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 8, C3, Chas Wolbert, Howland, OH

2, 2, 2, Kole Holden, Tiona

3, 10, 8, Kyle Martell, Rootstown, OH

4, 3, 35, Steve Slater, Butler

5, 11, 10, Chelsie Kriegisch, Ellwood City

6, 12, 35W, Jeremy Weaver, Stoneboro

7, 4, 17, Brandon Ritchey, Seneca

8, 5, 20J, Jordan Ehrenberg, New Castle

9, 1, 132, Brandon Michaud, Medina, NY

10, 7, 28J, Jacob Jordan, Aliquippa

DNS, 63, Jessica Kriegisch, Ellwood City

DQ, 6, 83X, Rocky Kugel, East Liverpool, OH

Heat 1 – Rocky Kugel, Chas Wolbert, Jordan Ehrenberg, Jacob Jordan, Jessica Kriegisch, Chelsie Kriegisch.

Heat 2 – Kole Holden, Steve Slater, Brandon Michaud, Brandon Ritchey, Kyle Martell, Jeremy Weaver.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, July 22, 2017 – Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions Winged Sprints, presented by Falconi’s Moon Township Automotive, plus a Sizzler Series event for the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, and RUSH Modifieds.

Saturday, July 29, 2017 – “Action Event” featuring a Sizzler Series race for Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, plus Diehl Automotive Super Late Models, Sunoco Sportsman, Super6 Late Models, Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, and CruiseAmerica Open Fours.

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – “Action Event” featuring the Wee Willie White Memorial for the Homak Manufacturing Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series for Sunoco Sportsman.  Plus Diehl Automotive Super Late Models, Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, Super6 Late Models, Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, and CruiseAmerica Open Fours.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 – The 28th Annual Jook George Steel City Classic for Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models and the Sweeney Chevrolet RUSH Dirt Late Model Series, plus Diehl Automotive Super Late Models and Sunoco Sportsman.

Saturday, August 19, 2017 – No racing, PPMS Employees August Vacation.