For immediate release

Imperial, PA

Randy “Tank” Deberardinis (121), from Donora, loves to race his Hobby Stock. Earlier this season, Deberardinis (121) was suffering from debilitating headaches, which eventually forced him out of racing, temporarily. This past week, Deberardinis (121) went to the hospital to get checked out. Doctors found a tumor behind his ear with a cyst attached to it. Doctors believe that the tumor is non-cancerous, after being surgically removed. Deberardinis (121) is a CDL truck driver and due to CDL restrictions, he is unable to work for the next six weeks. PPMS has put on a helmet drive to help Deberardinis (121) during this difficult time. The helmet drive will take place in both the pits and the grandstands this Saturday, July 27. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.