Thank You BRANDEN from the entire Miley Motor Sports Team. Simply unbelievable. From a race fan to a racing promoter. This kind of stuff keeps us going in season 34.

Quote From Branden’s Facebook:

”There are not enough words I could write to properly express my sincere gratitude to every person who has contributed to this event to make it what will surely be a special night. First off to the George family for entrusting me with the job of putting this together to honor Jook. Dana Yu Patty George Jookie and Tammy Duvuvei George, thank you for believing in me. Alex, not enough words can express what you have done for this race. To all the sponsors who a great majority have supported my efforts since 2016. I say it every year but it’s true, you all are the reason this event has turned into such a great race. Also thank you to Matt Miley and Miley Motorsports who let me take the reigns and see what I could do with this event. Last but not least thanks to Vicki Emig and Michael Leone and the whole RUSH team for being such great partners and always going the extra mile for this race. Hats off to everyone, we can all look toward this Saturday and know it is going to be a great night. Thank you!”


🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 On behalf of Branden Lockwich and Miley Motor Sports, the RUSH Racing Series is pleased to release the minimum purse structure for Saturday’s “Jook George Steel City Classic” presented by Nex-Gen Outdoor Services at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway for the Flynn’s Tire Touring Series.

Feature Purse: 1. $6,010 ($7,010 if contributed to the event) 2. $3,000 3. $1,600 4. $1,400 5. $1,300 6. $1,250 7. $1,150 8. $1,100 9. $1,050 10. $1,000 11. $800 12. $750 13. $650 14. $600 15. $575 16. $550 17. $500 18. $475 19. $450 20. $440 21. $430 22-26. $425.

Non-Qualifier: 1. $400 2. $225 3. $200 4. $190 5. $185 6. $180 7. $175 8. $170 9. $165 10-24. $160. Tow $125.

Rookie of the race: $888
Fastest Qualifier: $200
Heat race winners: $25
John Beatty Memorial Dash: 1. $404 plus $100 Sunoco fuel card 2. $100
B main winners: $50

***3 $100 cash drawings to drivers that donated towards the event
***Sunoco fuel card drawings: 2 $100 to Tour drivers, 4 $50 to all others
***Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic & Precise Racing Products $50 hard charger gift card
***TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night”
***Feature winner will receive a 5-Gallon Race Jug from Precise.
***Ontime Body & Graphic spoiler kit to the 14th place finisher (13th if Friday night would rain out)
***Performance Bodies $100 gift card to the first non-qualifier

If anyone would still like to financially contribute to the event, message Branden on here or call him at 412-639-3723

As of today, the below drivers are eligible for the $1000 contributor bonus and the 3 $100 drawings at the drivers meeting. There is still time to be added to the list, contact me if you would like to contribute.

Dan Lepro
Tom Klein
Tony Musolino
Joe Martin
Daryl Charlier
Brandon Burgoon
Bryan Hoffman
Billy Kessler
Jeremy Wonderling
Logan Roberson
Garret Paugh
Will Thomas
Mike Reft
Ben Policz
Cole Petrelle
Kyle Lukon
Justin Chance
Josh Stoica
Dave Goble
Kassidy Kamicker
Tim Shaffer
Mike Norris
Jake Gunn
Zach Gunn
Matt Latta

William Thomas “Jook” George had a brief driving career himself, but as he turned to car owner he chose and had for most of his racing career the #10 and that was in honor of his racing hero, Lou Blaney, who drove his car on a couple occasions. Other highlights of his career was being nominated as the Sportsman of the Year at PPMS, being nominated into the Pittsburgh Circle Track Hall of Fame, winning the track championship at PPMS in 1990 with John Beatty behind the wheel, and winning the Fall Classic in 1993 with Bill Yakin, also at PPMS. His most dominant stretch as a car owner came in the late ‘70s when Earl Teeters was his driver.
“Miley Motor Sports is ecstatic about the 33rd edition of the RUSH Dirt Late Model Series ‘Jook George Classic’ to honor our great friend of racing, Jook George,” expressed PPMS promoter Matt Miley. “We can’t thank Branden, the RUSH Team, and all who have contributed enough. It’s a win, win, win, win- racers, fans, sponsors, and the Speedway.”
“This is the type of thing that energizes Miley Motor Sports to keep Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway alive,” continued Miley. “It’s been a long ride, 34 consecutive seasons! Age and what comes with it takes a toll on us. We simply can’t do everything ourselves. Younger folks who love the sport stepping up and making some of our best events is unbelievably refreshing. It energizes an old ownership team. A very sincere thank you from all of us at Miley Motor Sports!”