Imperial, PA (October 18, 2023) For Immediate Release

If I were a Hobby Stock driver, Natasha Davis is a name I’d be looking out for in 2024. Davis was first introduced to racing on August 28, 2021, when her soon-to-be boyfriend, and soon-to-be 2x Hobby Stock Division Champion, Frank Magill brought her to her first race. “Frankie actually won the race on August 28th and that’s the night he asked me to be his girlfriend”, said Davis.

A little over two years later, she purchased her first Hobby Stock and made her impressive debut at Dirt’s Monster Half Mile on September 29, 2023. Davis improved with each lap she turned, and by the end of the night, she was wheeling that car like she had been racing for years. I asked Natasha some questions and this is what she had to say:



1: What motivated you to start dirt track racing in a Hobby Stock?

“I think just watching the enjoyment on the Magill brothers’ faces when they got out of the car and helping them in any way I could with getting their cars onto the track.”


2: How did you prepare for your first race as a Hobby Stock driver?

“I honestly just didn’t think about it and got in. I was told if you think too much it can overpower your brain.”


3: Can you describe a challenging moment you faced during your first race, and how you handled it?

“I think the most challenging part was when my car started getting squirrely in turns 3&4. I just tried to not over-correct myself as I’ve been told that makes it way worse.”


4: If you were to create a custom horn sound for your Hobby Stock, what would it sound like?

“I think It would be like a train horn.”


5: What adjustments or modifications did you make to your Hobby Stock car to improve its performance?

“We didn’t modify anything truly I just hit the gas more as the night went on lol.”


6: What’s gonna be your go-to victory lane dance after you get that first win cause, after I saw you wheel that car the other night the way you did for the first time, everyone in that division better take notice!

“I am not much of a dancer but we could see a little giddy hop in there possibly.”


7: How do you approach the balance between aggressive driving and safety on the track?

“I mean I think you have to just try and not let your anger get the best of you. I have only driven one full race night though so hopefully I can keep that balance.”


8 If your race car had a personality, what do you think it would be like and why? And what human name would you give it if any?

I think she would be sassy and I haven’t figured out a name for her just yet.”


9: What are your goals and aspirations as a Hobby Stock driver in the upcoming racing season?

“I think my goals are to get comfortable with the car and pick up the speed so I can keep up with the rest.”


10: What’s the weirdest good luck charm or ritual you have before hitting the track?

“A good luck charm I feel like is having my dad tighten my belts and doing the little handshake type thing with my significant other Frank Magill.”


11: If you were a superhero, what would your racing-themed superpower be, and what would you call yourself?

“My superpower would definitely have something to do with taking the tires off and putting them back on the car lol as that was one of my main jobs on Frankie’s Crate Late Model, not sure what my name would be.”



Natasha is going to be a force to reckon with in 2024 at Dirt’s Monster Half Mile in the Hobby Stock division. From a whirlwind romance sparked in the exhaust-filled air of a race night to impressing everyone with her natural talent on the track, we can’t wait to see what she can do in 2024. Natasha’s approach to racing. Simply hit the gas and let the magic happen—no overthinking allowed! And let’s not forget her future victory lane dance — maybe a giddy hop for the win? So, buckle up, race fans! Natasha’s goals are to get cozy with her car, accelerate to greatness, and perhaps add a touch of magic to tire changes. She can’t wait for the 2024 season, and neither can we.