John Mollick from Toronto, OH was the winner of the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Model feature event at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday night, marching forward from tenth starting spot in the non-stop event.  Other race night winners were Darin Gallagher from Butler in “Open Wheel Mania” for Outlaw 305 Sprints, Kole Holden from Tiona in “Modisaures X” for RUSH Modifieds, April Tennant from Colliers, WV in the Inaugural Open Rules Four Cylinder Championship, Todd Weldon from Monongahela in the Sunoco Sportsman, Stephen Shelpman from Pleasant Hills in the Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, and Ben Anton of Jefferson Hills in the Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns.

Andrew Satterlee and Chuck Medved led a field of 23 starters in the 20 lap Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Model feature event.  Satterlee led from the start, with Justin Lamb passing Medved for second on lap 2.  Mike Reft took third on lap 3, before yielding the position to tenth starting John Mollick on lap 4.  Mollick closed on Lamb, and took second on lap 8.  With the leaders in race traffic at the halfway mark, Mollick slipped past Satterlee to take the race lead.  Once in front, Mollick pulled away in front leaving Satterlee, Lamb, and Reft to race for second.  Lamb made the pass of Satterlee for second on lap 15.  Mollick took a convincing victory by 7.432 seconds at the checkered flag of the non-stop event, his fourth of the season.  Lamb settled for second, but earned enough points to clinch his first track championship with one point race remaining.  Satterlee was third in his season debut.  Reft was fourth, with Ben Policz fifth.  Eric Wilson from 12th, Garrett Paugh, Steve Beatty, Bryan Hoffman, and Christian Schneider completed the top ten.  Mollick, Schneider, and Beatty were the heat race winners.

Darin Gallagher led all 20 laps of “Open Wheel Mania” for the Outlaw 305 Sprints.  Kyle Peters challenged briefly at the start of the event, but Gallagher extended his lead to 3.6 seconds at halfway of the non-stop event.  His lead was bigger with five laps remaining, at 5.4 seconds.  Peters made up some ground in the closing laps, but it was Gallagher with a dominant victory of 4.210 seconds at the finish.  Joey Sylvester was third, over Vince Dougherty, Bob McMillin, and Skip Dougherty.  Gallagher also won the heat race.

13 RUSH Modifieds were on hand for the running of the 15-lap “Modisaures X.”  Preston Cope and Jason Hufnagel led the field to green, but third starting Kole Holden slipped by both to lead lap 1.  Holden pulled away early, leaving a four way battle for second in the early laps.  Cope held second for three laps, before Chelsie Kriegisch took it on lap 4.  Chas Wolbert took second on lap 6, but Holden had a comfortable lead that would disappear when the lone yellow flag of the event waved with 8 laps in.  Holden chose the inside for the restart, but Wolbert used the outside on the restart to take over the lead.  Working lap 10, Wolbert slipped too high in turn two, brushing the outside wall.  Holden was able to slip by with Wolbert’s misfortune, taking the lead back on lap 11.  They would race close over the closing laps, with Holden taking the win over Wolbert by 0.705 seconds.  Jeremy Weaver was third over eighth starting Justin Shea, with Kriegisch fifth.  Heat winners were Shea and Wolbert.

The 15 lap Sunoco Sportsman feature started with a caution for a four car incident in turn one.  Among those involved was point leader Dave McManus, who made a pit stop before returning to the event.  Cam Kraisinger and Bill Robertson were on the front row, with Robertson leading before the next and final caution period came with one lap complete.  Robertson and Bob Schwartzmiller raced for the lead when racing resumed, with Schwartzmiller taking the lead on lap 3.  Seventh starting Todd Weldon took second a lap later, and closed on the leader.  They were side by side at the line on lap 8, with Schwartzmiller ahead by inches.  Weldon continued to work the inside line as their battle continued, with Weldon ahead by inches at the line on lap 10.  Weldon completed the pass a lap later, and once in front he raced away for his fourth win of the season, a 4.298 second victory over Schwartzmiller.  Kraisinger had a good run for third, with Danny Rich fourth.  McManus recovered for fifth.  Weldon and A.J. Poljak took the heats.

The Inaugural Open Rules Four Cylinder Championship went 15 laps, with dash winner Bill Tennant and Matthew Rubright leading the field to green.  Rubright took the lead at the start, and held a solid lead until the first yellow flag of the event came on lap 10 for Justin Clark losing a wheel in turn three.  During the caution period, race leader Rubright exited to the pits, retiring from the event.  Tennant inherited the lead, with his wife April Tennant moving to second.  April Tennant took over the lead when racing resumed, as Bill had trouble getting up to speed on the restart.  On another restart on lap 11, Bill again had trouble getting going as April again resumed in the lead.  At the finish it was April Tennant the $300 winner over Bill Tennant, Andy Garlinger, and Brian Noel.  Tom Anton won the three-wide battle for fifth.  Rubright and Garlinger took the heats.

The non-stop 12 lap Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stock main had eight of the ten cars taking the green, led by Casey Grumling and Justin Shipley on the grid.  One of the cars unable to start the main was point leader Karlee Kovacs, after suffering mechanical issues in her heat race.  Shipley led from the start, before feeling a challenge from Dale Kimberly.  Kimberly led by inches at the line on lap 4, completing the pass on lap 5.  Seventh starting Stephen Shelpman joined the battle for the lead, taking second on lap 8.  Closing on leader Kimberly, he moved to the lead on lap 10.  Kimberly charged back on the inside on the final lap, but it was Shelpman by a nose at the line for his fourth win of the season, taking the division point lead in the process.  Shipley was third, over Adam Ferree and Butch Black.  Heats went to Shelpman and Shipley.

Ben Anton drove to his third straight Imperial Heights Garage Young Gun feature win, his sixth of the season.  Anton also earned enough points to defend his 2016 division championship, with one point race remaining.  Kayla McManus and Kyle Janas were close behind at the finish.

Racing continues at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday, September 30, as point competition for the 2017 season will come to a close in all divisions.  The Diehl Automotive Super Late Models will return, competing in the “Tune-Up 20,” before the next week’s 29th Annual Pittsburgher 100.  Also wrapping up point racing will be the Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models, Sunoco Sportsman, Super6 Late Models, Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks, Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, and CruiseAmerica Open Fours.  The RUSH Modifieds will also be returning for their final visit of the season.  There will also be Bike Races for the kids.  For all racing programs, the gates open at 5:00 PM, with warm-ups at 6:00 PM and racing at 7:00 PM.  Follow us on Facebook at @PAMotorSpeedway or on Twitter at @PAMotorSpeedway for timely information updates.  The Twitter account is used extensively on race nights for live updates.  Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway is located west of the city of Pittsburgh, just south of the Noblestown exit of U.S. Route 22, or 170 Kelso Road in Imperial, PA, for GPS purposes.  The track phone is 412-279-RACE.  For complete information including ticket pricing information, please visit the track website at .

Results for Saturday, September 23, 2017

Precise Racing Products RUSH Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 10, 60M, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

2, 5, 93X, Justin Lamb, Findlay Township

3, 1, 2, Andrew Satterlee, Rochester Mills

4, 9, 9R, Mike Reft, Whitehall

5, 11, 14B, Ben Policz, Rices Landing

6, 12, 27W, Eric Wilson, Cortland, OH

7, 6, 03, Garrett Paugh, Elkins, WV

8, 8, B4, Steve Beatty, Allison Park

9, 4, 15H, Bryan Hoffman, Imperial

10, 7, 1ST, Christian Schneider, Burgettstown

11, 14, 90J, Michael Duritsky, Masontown

12, 22, 12S, Brian Swank, Morgantown, WV

13, 2, 2M, Chuck Medved, Imperial

14, 20, 22J, Josh Stoica, New Cumberland, WV

15, 16, 42, Dave Airgood, Jr., Hermitage

16, 13, 3J, Paul Jablonski, Carnegie

17, 21, 3, Andy Spooner, Cassville, WV

18, 17, 6, Chuck Recker, West View

19, 23, 7K, Jared Kane, Scenery Hill

20, 3, 12, Daryl Charlier, Midway

21, 15, 28S, Bob Schwartzmiller, Robinson Township

22, 18, 111, Pete Wearing, Evans City

23, 19, 09, Bill Kessler, Freedom

Heat 1 – John Mollick, Mike Reft, Ben Policz, Garrett Paugh, Paul Jablonski, Dave Airgood, Jr., Bill Kessler.

Heat 2 – Christian Schneider, Andrew Satterlee, Eric Wilson, Justin Lamb, Michael Duritsky, Chuck Recker, Josh Stoica, Brian Swank.

Heat 3 – Steve Beatty, Daryl Charlier, Chuck Medved, Bryan Hoffman, Bob Schwartzmiller, Pete Wearing, Andy Spooner, Jared Kane.

Outlaw 305 Sprints

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 1, 12, Darin Gallagher, Butler

2, 2, 97, Kyle Peters, Mansfield, OH

3, 4, 8, Joey Sylvester, Canfield, OH

4, 3, 27, Vince Dougherty, Punxsutawney

5, 6, 5, Bob McMillin, Wampum

6, 5, 41, Skip Dougherty, Punxsutawney

Heat 1 – Darin Gallagher, Kyle Peters, Vince Dougherty, Joey Sylvester, Skip Dougherty, Bob McMillin.

Sunoco Sportsman

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 7, 45, Todd Weldon, Monongahela

2, 3, 28S, Bob Schwartzmiller, Robinson Township

3, 1, 47, Cam Kraisinger, Mount Pleasant

4, 5, 67X, Danny Rich, Imperial

5, 8, 114, Dave McManus, Elizabeth

6, 2, 1B, Bill Robertson, Upper St. Clair

7, 6, 10, Nick Kocuba, Bulger

8, 10, 18, Mike Harris, Bridgeville

9, 9, 7, Eric Piotrowski, Evans City

10, 11, W1, Jarrod Westover, Lisbon, OH

11, 12, 00, Zackery Stehle, Pittsburgh

12, 4, 36, A.J. Poljak, Baldwin

Heat 1 – Todd Weldon, Cam Kraisinger, Danny Rich, Nick Kocuba, Eric Piotrowski, Jarrod Westover.

Heat 2 – A.J. Poljak, Bob Schwartzmiller, Dave McManus, Bill Robertson, Mike Harris, Zackery Stehle.

RUSH Modifieds

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 3, 2, Kole Holden, Tiona

2, 7, C3, Chas Wolbert, Howland, OH

3, 4, 35W, Jeremy Weaver, Stoneboro

4, 8, 14S, Justin Shea, Franklin

5, 6, 10, Chelsie Kriegisch, Ellwood City

6, 11, 41, Brian Schaffer, Slippery Rock

7, 13, 63, Randy Kriegisch, Ellwood City

8, 1, 24P, Preston Cope, Champion, OH

9, 12, 28J, Jacob Jordan, Aliquippa

10, 5, 29, Steve Slater, Butler

11, 9, 5, Brian Sadler, Apollo

12, 2, 28, Jason Hufnagel, New Castle

13, 10, 11J, David Kalb, Jr., Aurora, OH

Heat 1 – Justin Shea, Steve Slater, Chelsie Kriegisch, Kole Holden, Brian Sadler, Brian Schaffer, Randy Kriegisch.

Heat 2 – Chas Wolbert, Jeremy Weaver, Preston Cope, Jason Hufnagel, David Kalb, Jr., Jacob Jordan.

CruiseAmerica Open Fours

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 3, 95, April Tennant, Colliers, WV

2, 1, 2, Bill Tennant, Colliers, WV

3, 4, R88, Andy Garlinger, Hopedale, OH

4, 5, 39, Brian Noel, Mt. Pleasant

5, 9, 64, Tom Anton, Jefferson Hills

6, 6, 49, Aaron Karasack, Hutchinson

7, 12, 95D, Dustin Detrick, Uniontown

8, 10, 0, Okey Howard, Hopedale, OH

9, 11, X, Dale Rubright, Harmony

10, 2, 44, Matthew Rubright, Harmony

11, 8, 02, Justin Clark, Pittsburgh

12, 7, 19G, John Gill, Burgettstown

Did not start, 13, 3S, Mark Seiler, Hopwood

Heat 1 – Matthew Rubright, April Tennant, Bill Tennant, John Gill, Tom Anton, Dale Rubright, did not start, Mark Seiler.

Heat 2 – Andy Garlinger, Brian Noel, Aaron Karasack, Justin Clark, Okey Howard, Dustin Detrick.

Dash – Bill Tennant, Matthew Rubright, April Tennant, Andy Garlinger, Brian Noel, Aaron Karasack.

Miley Truck Rental Hobby Stocks

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 7, 17S, Stephen Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

2, 4, 22, Dale Kimberly, West Newton

3, 2, 47, Justin Shipley, Portvue

4, 5, 29, Adam Ferree, Jefferson Hills

5, 10, 33B, Butch Black, Oakdale

6, 1, 77X, Casey Grumling, Elrama

7, 8, X, Eric Goldberg, Pittsburgh

8, 6, 57, Steve Pyeritz, Brentwood

Did not start, 3, 221K, Karlee Kovacs, Carnegie

Did not start, 9, 5, Doug Freeman, New Manchester

Heat 1 – Stephen Shelpman, Adam Ferree, Casey Grumling, Karlee Kovacs, Doug Freeman.

Heat 2 – Justin Shipley, Dale Kimberly, Eric Goldberg, Steve Pyeritz, Butch Black.

Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, 13, Ben Anton, Jefferson Hills

2, 3, 14, Kayla McManus, Elizabeth

3, 1, 89, Kyle Janas, Coraopolis