Imperial, PA


With the threat of rain looming once again, track officials decided to roll the dice on what turned out to be a beautiful evening for racing at Dirt’s Monster Half Mile as the Ohio Sprint Car Series came to town. Jack Sodeman Jr. (23JR) set the fast time in qualifying with a time of 17.286 but Pittsburgh’s own Tim Shaffer (49X) stole the show. The “Steel City Outlaw” started on the pole in the OSCS 25 lap feature with Sodeman on the outside. At the beginning of lap two Sodeman fell to third giving up his starting spot to Andrew Palker (57X), but Sodeman regained the second spot by the end of the second lap with Palker falling back to third, and Brandon Matus (13) fourth, as Shaffer led the pack. Shaffer was a man on a mission, and was already into lapped traffic by the seventh lap. The paced slowed with a caution on lap twelve when Brandon Matus shredded a right rear tire and spun down the front straight. With a single foul restart Shaffer began to pull away from the field once again as Palker moved up to second, Sye Lynch (42) in third, Sodeman fell back to fourth, and A.J. Flick (2AJ) was running fifth. Shaffer began to lap the field again by lap nineteen when the event’s second caution slowed the pace once again. On the restart Flick remained in fifth while Lynch and Sodeman battled for the third spot in front of him. As the checkered flag waved the “Hundred Thousand Dollar Man” Tim Shaffer would take the win. Andrew Palker came in second, Sodeman third, Lynch fourth, and A.J. Flick fifth, with Brent Matus (33), Jeremy Kornbau (27K), Joe Sylvester (8), Sadie Siegal (91), and Darren Gallagher (12) rounded out the top ten respectively. Heat race winners were Jack Sodeman Jr. (23JR), and Darren Gallagher (12)


When the green flag dropped in the Elite Modified 15 lap feature, pole sitter Mitchell Wright (M1) of Albion found himself in a three-way battle for the lead with Tyler Frankenberry (38) of Painesville, Ohio, and Nate Young (42) of Painsville, Ohio in the mix. Sixth starting Ty Rhoades (12R) of Pittsburgh shot up to third on lap four, and on the same lap Rhoades took the lead with Frankenberry second, Young third and Jacob Euker (64) fourth. On lap eight Young and Frankenberry were battling for the second spot with Young winning the battle as Euker followed him into third, and Frankberry falling back to fourth. The leader Rhoades got into lapped traffic on lap eleven, and pole sitter Mitchell Wright spun out on lap twelve bringing out the event’s lone caution. Rhoades chose the inside on the restart with Young on his outside, Euker in third, and Frankenberry fourth. Rhoades would lead the field to the checkered after the restart with Young finishing second, Euker in third, while PPMS’s own Brian Hutchko (60) of Coraopolis moved to forth, with Frankenberry falling to fifth, Steve Haefke(41) sixth, Todd Canter (9T) seventh, Bob Simmons (4RJ) eighth, Brian Toto(8B) ninth, and Keith Felicity (98) tenth. Heat race winners were Jacob Euker (64) and Ty Rhoades (12R)


In the RUSH sportsman Modified 15 lap feature Joshua Alan Deems (9D) took the lead on the first lap after starting second, but he wouldn’t stay there for long. Jacob Jordan (28J) of Aliquippa pressed Deems for the lead, taking it on lap four, while sixth starting Garrett Krummert (10S) was on the move. Krummert took the second spot from Deems on lap six, then moved into first place by lap eight after the field caught up to lapped traffic. Deems moved back into second place by lap eleven with Jordan falling to third. Seventh starting Rocky Kugel (83) of East Liverpool, Ohio moved up to forth. With the checkered flag waiving Krummert would pick up his first PPMS win of the season with Deems, Jordan, Kugel and Justin Shea (14S) rounding out the top five respectively, while Jeremy Weaver (35W) finished sixth, Chas Wolbert (C3) seventh, Tony Tatgenhorst (6E) eighth, Chelsie Kreigisch (10) ninth, and May 5 winner Brandon Ritchey (17) tenth. Chas Wolbert (C3) and Jeremy Weaver (35W) were your heat race winners.


Justin Lamb (93X) of Findlay, Township was looking for his first win of the season in the Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Model 20 lap feature but the “Midway Missile” Daryl Charlier (12) had other ideas. Lamb took the lead on lap six after starting fourth, with Charlier already up to third after starting eleventh. Logan Zarin (1Z) hit the wall hard on the front stretch, bouncing and coming to a rest at the start of turn one, slowing the pace on lap seven for the event’s first caution. Lamb chose the outside on the restart with Christian Schneider (1ST) of Georgetown to his inside in second, Charlier in third, and Josh Stoica (22J) of Newcumberland, WV in forth. Charlier stole the second spot from Schneider when the green flag dropped with Schneider falling back to third. Lap eleven saw the event’s second caution when Chris Lander (18) of Burgettstown, spun out in turn two. Again Lamb chose the outside with Charlier on his inside, Schneider in third, Stoica fourth. The lights were out as the field paced out of turn two and into the backstretch when Charlier slowed looking like he was heading for the pits. He stopped before rejoining the field. Later he stated: “All of a sudden the wheel jerked out of my hands, and I thought I had a flat tire.” Once the green flagged dropped Charlier quickly took over the top spot, Schneider moved up to second, and Lamb fell to third. Charlier would lead the field to the finish for his second win of the season and second win in a row. Justin Lamb (93X) came in second place, with Christian Schneider (1ST) in third, Garrett Paugh (03) in fourth, and John Mollick (60M) rounded out the top five. Josh Stoica (22J) dropped to sixth after running fourth most of the race, with Chuck Medved (2M) in seventh, Bryan Hoffman (15H) in eighth, Jabo Jablonski (3J) in ninth, and Pete Wearing (111) making up the top ten. Heat race winners were Justin Lamb and Christian Schneider.


In the Pro Stock 15 lap feature Dave McManus of Elizabeth, started on the pole and lead all fifteen laps, picking up his first win of the season. He was followed to the finish line by Todd Weldon (45) of Monongahela in second, Greg Beach (33X) of Chicora in third after they started second and third respectively. Bill Robertson (1B) of Upper Saint Clair finished in fourth after starting sixth, knocking fourth starting Danny Rich 67X of Imperial down to fifth, and fifth starting Nick Kocuba (10) of Bulger down to sixth. Martin Spade (18) finished where he started in seventh place rounding out the field. Todd Weldon won the lone heat race.


In Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stock action, the 12 lap feature had Adam Ferree (29) of Jefferson Hills starting on the pole with Joe Anthony(221K) driving for Karlee Kovacs, on his outside. Casey Grumling (77X) of Elrama was inside row 2 starting third with defending Hobby Stock Champion, and two time season winner Stephen Shelpman (17S) of Pleasant Hills to his outside starting fourth. On lap one Shelpman quickly moved up to second with Anthony falling back to third. On lap three Grumling pressed Anthony for third but Anthony held on for the time being. Sixth starting, and defending Young Guns champion Ben Anton (13) of Jefferson Hills spun out in turn four bringing out the caution. Ferree chose the inside on the restart with Shelpman to his outside in second, Anthony in third and Grumling fourth. Shelpman took the lead on the restart with Ferree falling to second, and Grumling took the third spot from Anthony as Anthony fell to fourth. On lap six Grumling moved into second place behind Shelpman, and Ferree fell to third with Anthony remaining fourth. Stephen Shelpman (17S) led the field to his second win of the season and second win in a row. Casey Grumling (77X) finished second, Adam Ferree (29) third, Joe Anthony (221K) fourth, Ben Anton (13) fifth, Ed Shelpman (17P) sixth, Frank Fazio (1ST) seventh, and Kayla McManus (14) rounded out the field in eighth. Stephen Shelpman won the Hobby Stock heat race.


In the Black Label Business Center Open 4’s feature Andy Garlinger of Hopedale, Ohio continued to dominate. Garlinger started in the fifth and final spot but quickly shot into first place on lap one with pole sitter John Gill (19G) falling to second. Garlinger began to lap the five car field on lap seven in route to his second win in a row. He was followed by John Gill (19G) in second place, Tom Anton (64) in third, Justin Clark (02) in fourth, and Mike Zepp (43Z) rounded out the field in fifth. Andy Garlinger won the heat race.


The Three Rivers Karting Young Guns feature had Frank Magill (05) picking up his second win of the season. He was followed by Susie Rudolph (55) in second place, and Kyle Janus (88) in third.




OSCS 410 Sprints Feature 25 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver

1, 1, 49X, Tim Shaffer

2, 4, 57X, Andrew Palker

3, 2 ,23JR, Jack Sodeman Jr

4, 3, 42, Sye Lynch

5, 7, 2AJ, AJ Flick

6, 9, 33, Brent Matus

7, 8, 27K, Jeremy Kornbau

8, 10, 8, Joe Sylvester

9, 11, 91, Sadie Siegal

10, 6, 12, Darren Gallagher

11, 5,13, Brandon Matus

12, 12, 23C, Gerald Harrhogan


Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr.[1]; 2. 49x-Tim Shaffer[4]; 3. 57X-Andrew Palker[3]; 4. 42-Sye Lynch[5]; 5. 13-Brandon Matus[6]; 6. O8-Dan Kuriger[2];

Heat #2

1. 12-Darren Gallagher[3]; 2. 2-Austin Fike[2]; 3. 27k-Jeremy Kornbau[5]; 4. 33-Brent Matus[1]; 5. 8-Joe Sylvester[6]; 6. 91-Sadie Siegal[4]; 7. 23C-Gerald Harrhogan[7];

Qualifying results

1.23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr., 17.286; 2.O8-Dan Kuriger, 17.406; 3.57X-Andrew Palker, 17.495; 4.49x-Tim Shaffer, 17.693; 5.42-Sye Lynch, 17.771; 6.13-Brandon Matus, 17.794; 7.33-Brent Matus, 18.109; 8.2-Austin Fike, 18.145; 9.12-Darren Gallagher, 18.527; 10.91-Sadie Siegal, 18.775; 11.27K-Jeremy Kornbau, 18.849; 12.8-Joe Sylvester, 19.708; 13.23c-Gerald Harrhogan, 22.790;


$100 Quick Time: Jack Sodeman Jr.

$50 Hard Charger: Brent Matus

$100 Farthest Travel: Dan Kuriger


Elite Modified Feature 15 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 6, 12R, Ty Rhoades, Pittsburgh

2, 4, 42, Nate Young, Painsville, OH

3, 5, 64, Jacob Euker, Fowler, OH

4, 9, 60, Brian Huchko, Coraopolis

5, 2, 38, Tyler Frankenberry, Painesville, OH

6, 8, 41, Steve Haefke, Austintown, OH

7, 7, 9T, Todd Canter, Warren, OH

8, 12, 4RJ, Bob Simmons, Hookstown

9, 3, 8B, Brian Toto, Kinsman, OH

10, 10, 98, Keith Felicity, Warren, OH

11, 11, 82R, Raymond Gregory, Youngstown, OH

12, 1, M1, Mitchell Wright, Albion

DNS Josh Ferry(10), Cochranton

Heat 1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 64-Jacob Euker[5]; 2. 38-Tyler Frankenberry[4]; 3. M11-Mitchell Wright[6]; 4. 9T Todd Canter[1]; 5. 60-Brian Huchko[3]; 6. 98-Keith Felicity[2]; 7. 82R-Raymond Gregory[7];

Heat 2

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 12R-Ty Rhoades[4]; 2. 42-Nate Young[5]; 3. 8B-Brian Toto[2]; 4. 41-Steve Haefke[1]; 5. 4RJ-Bob Simmons[3]; DNS 10-Josh Ferry


Rush Sportsman Modified Feature 15 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 6,10S, Garret Krummert

2, 2, 9D, Joshua Alan Deems

3, 1, 28J, Jacob Jordan, Aliquippa

4, 7, 83, Rocky Kugel, East Liverpool, OH

5, 3, 14S, Justin Shea, Franklin

6, 10, 35W, Jeremy Weaver, Stoneboro

7, 5, C3, Chas Wolbert, Howland, OH

8, 4, 6E, Tony Tatgenhorst

9, 12, 10, Chelsie Kreigisch, Ellwood City

10, 9, 17, Brandon Ritchey

11, 14, 2, Kole Holden, Tiona

12, 11, 11J, David Kalb Jr.

13, 13, 8M, Kyle Martel, Rootstown, OH

14, 16, 5, Brian Sadler

15, 8, 29, Steve Slater, Butler

16, 15, 132, Brandon Michaud

17, 17, 63, Jessica Kriegisch, Elwood City

18, 18, 22, Kevin Long

19, 19, 048, Jason Hufnagel, New Castle

Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. C3-Chas Wolbert[2]; 2. 83-Rocky Kugel[3]; 3. 10S-Garrett Krummert[10]; 4. 28J-Jacob Jordan[7]; 5. 14S-Justin Shea[4]; 6. 9D-Joshua Alan Deems[9]; 7. 8M-Kyle Martel[1]; 8. 132-Brandon Michaud[5]; 9. 63-Jessica Kriegisch[7]; 10. 048-Jason Hufnagel[6];

Heat #2

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 35W-Jeremy Weaver[1]; 2. 17-Brandon Ritcheyl[2]; 3. 63-Tony Tatgenhorst[6]; 4. 29-Steve Slater[3]; 5. 11J David Kalb Jr.[5]; 6. 10-Chelsie Kreigisch[4]; 7. 2-Kole Holden[9]; 8. 5-Brian Sadler[7]; 9. 22-Kevin Long[8];


RUSH Late Model Feature 20 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 11, 12C, Daryl Charlier, Midway

2, 4, 93X, Justin Lamb, Findlay Township

3, 5, 1ST, Christian Schneider, Georgetown

4, 9, 03, Garrett Paugh, Elkins, WV

5, 8, 60M, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

6, 1, 22J, Josh Stoica, New Cumberland, WV

7, 6, 2M, Chuck Medved, Imperial

8, 7, 15H, Bryan Hoffman, Imperial

9, 2, 3J, Jabo Jablonski, Carnegie

10, 13, 111, Pete Wearing, Evans City

11, 10, 09, Bill Kessler, Freedom

12, 12 , 31, D.J. Nakutis, Plum

13, 14, 18, Chris Lander, Burgettstown

14, 3, 1Z, Logan Zarin

DNS Jake Gunn(14G) McDonald

Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 1ST-Christian Schneider[2]; 2. 15H-Bryan Hoffman[1]; 3. 60M-John Mollick[7]; 4. 09-Bill Kessler[5]; 5. 12C-Daryl Charlier[6]; 6. 2M-Chuck Medved[3]; 7. 31-D.J. Nakutis[8]; 8. 18-Chris Lander[4];

Heat #2

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 93X-Justin Lamb[1]; 2. 03-Garrett Paugh[4]; 3. 1Z-Logan Zarin[3]; 4. 14G Jake Gunn[5]; 5. 22J Josh Stoica[6]; 6. 3J-Jabo Jablonski[2]; 7. 111-Pete Wearing[7];


Pro Stocks Feature (Sportsman)

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 1, 114, Dave McManus, Elizabeth

2, 2, 45, Todd Weldon, Monongahela

3, 3, 33X, Greg Beach, Chicora

4, 6, 1B, Bill Robertson, Upper Saint Clair

5, 4, 67X, Danny Rich, Imperial

6, 5, 10, Nick Kocuba, Bulger

7, 7, 18, Martin Spade

DNS A.J. Poljak(36), Gary Koteles(64K) Jake Hoelle (6)

Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 45-Todd Weldon[5]; 2. 114-Dave McManus[7]; 3. 67X-Danny RIch[6]; 4. 33X Greg Beach[9]; 5. 10-Nick Kocuba[2]; 6. 36-A.J. Poljak[1]; 7. 1B-Bill Robertson[4]; 8. 18-Martin Spade[3]; 9. 6-Jake Hoelle[10]; DNS 64K-Gary Koteles


Hobby Stock Feature 12 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 4, 17S, Stephen Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

2, 3, 77X, Casey Grumling, Elrama

3, 1, 29, Adam Ferree, Jefferson Hills

4, 2, 221K, Joe Anthony

5, 6, 13, Ben Anton, Jefferson Hills

6, 8, 17P, Ed Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

7, 7, 1ST Frank Fazio

8, 5, Kayla McManus, Elizabeth

Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. 17S Stephen Shelpman[4]; 2. 29-Adam Ferree[1]; 3. 77X Casey Grumling[7]; 4. 221K Joe Anthony[6]; 5. 14-Kayla McManus[5]; 6. 13-Ben Anton[3]; 7. 1ST Frank Fazio[2]; 8. 17P Ed Shelpman[8];


Open 4’s Feature 10 Laps

Finish spot, starting spot, car #, driver, hometown

1, 5, R88 Andy Garlinger, Hopedale, Oh

2, 1, 19G, John Gill, Burgettstown

3, 4, 64, Tom Anton, Jefferson Hills

4, 2, 02, Justin Clark, Pittsburgh

5, 4, 43Z, Mike Zepp,

Heat #1

Finish, car #, Driver, [starting spot]

1. R88-Andy Garlinger[2]; 2. 19G-John Gill[1]; 3. 02-Justin Clark[3]; 4. 64-Tom Anton[5]; 5. 43Z Mike Zepp[1];


Young Guns Feature

1, 2, 05, Frank Magill

2, 1, 55, Susie Rudolph

3, 3, 88, Kyle Janus, Coraopolis