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By: Rich Berry

Imperial, PA (July 27)  In just his second visit to the track, Dallas Hewitt earned the feature win on Falconi Moon Township Automotive Night on Saturday at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway.  Other winners included John Mollick from Toronto, OH in the RUSH Sprints, Colton Flinner from Allison Park in the Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Models, Dave McManus from Elizabeth in the Pro Stocks, Stephen Shelpman from Jefferson Hills in the Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks, Andy Garlinger from Hopedale, Ohio in the Four Cylinders, and Susie Rudolph from Steubenville, OH in the Young Guns.

The BOSS Sprints brought a field of 17 traditional, non-winged sprints, divided into three heat races.  Heat winners were Kory Crabtree, Rick Holley, and Carmen Perigo. Steve Little got into trouble in heat two, spinning and hitting the outside wall in turn two.  And Bobby Springer took a scary last lap tumble in turn three in heat three, as neither made the main event.  

The redraw for the top six starting positions awarded Perigo and series point leader Matt Westfall with front row berths for the 25 lap main.  Perigo raced into the lead at the start, with fourth starting Dallas Hewitt passing Westfall for second. Perigo held the top spot through the first nine laps with Hewitt close behind.  On lap 10, Hewitt used race traffic to slip by at the line to lead lap 10. The caution appeared on lap 11 for fourth running Rick Holley, giving the leaders a clear track. That would be the only caution period of the event, and back to green, it was all Hewitt, using the extreme outside groove to distance himself from the competition.  In just his second visit to the track, Hewitt would pull away over the remaining distance, getting the win by 7.004 seconds. Perigo and Westfall battled briefly over the late laps, but Perigo would get runner up honors. Behind Westfall in third was Cody Gardner and Kory Crabtree. Mike Miller, Chandler Leiby, Dustin Ingle, Dustin Webber, and Korbyn Hayslett filled the top ten.

The 15 lap RUSH Sprint feature started with John Mollick and Zach Morrow on the front row, as Mollick went to the front at the start.  Mollick advanced to a big lead over Morrow, as the lone yellow flag of the race appeared on lap 10 for fourth running Bradley Blackshear who slowed on the front stretch.  Mollick resumed in the lead when racing resumed, as Morrow now stayed close but was unable to mount a serious challenge. It was Mollick’s 19th win at the track, his first in a sprint added with 4 Late Model wins and 14 crate late model wins.  Morrow was second, 1.607 seconds behind, with Brian Woodhall, Jeremy Weaver, and Brandon Hawkins the top five. Morrow and Hawkins were the heat winners.

A full field of 24 Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Models started the eventful 20-lap main event, with Justin Lamb and Logan Zarin leading the field to green.  Lamb took the lead at the start, as the first caution came on lap 2 when a tangle saw John Mollick spin in turn two, and he was collected by Russ Kolesar, putting the event under red to check the drivers involved.  When racing resumed, it was Zarin taking over the lead ahead of Christian Schneider and Michael Duritsky, Jr., with Colton Flinner advancing from tenth-starting spot to fourth. The next yellow waved with 11 laps complete for Kyle Lukon who was battling Justin Lamb for fifth.  Zarin held the lead as just one more lap was scored before the next caution period, this time for two-time defending division champion Lamb that got into the turn one wall. Zarin again chose the outside lane for the double-file restart and resumed in the lead over Duritsky as the yellow appeared again on lap 14.  After two false starts, both leader Zarin and second place runner Duritsky were penalized two positions, advancing third running Schneider as the new leader. He chose the outside for the restart, with Flinner to his inside. This restart wasn’t any better, with a tangle on the front stretch bringing out the yellow again, but Schneider had issues in turn two which ended his run.  Flinner now inherited the top spot for the restart and regained the lead as racing resumed for the final time. Duritsky passed Flinner on the backstretch to take the lead on lap 16, but Flinner returned the favor a lap later. Flinner led the remaining distance to earn the win by 1.666 seconds over Duritsky, Zarin, 16th starting Ryan Frazee, and Lukon from the tail on lap 11. Jared Kane, Eric Wilson, Mike Reft, point leader Ben Policz, and Tommy Schirnhofer rounded out the top ten.  It was Flinner’s 15th win in the division, as he has 20 in all divisions at the track. Heat winners were Lukon, Nico Dabecco, and Flinner.

Justin Lamb and Dave McManus led the 15-lap Pro Stock main to green but Lamb spun in turn two to force a complete restart.  McManus took the lead at the start, but the yellow came again on lap 1 as point leader Danny Rich spun in turn four. The race would run through to the finish with McManus earning the win by 6.463 seconds.  The two-time champion has had a rough early season, but tonight got his first win of the season and seventh in the division, 9 total at the track. Also having a season filled with issues, Nick Kocuba had to be happy with a second-place effort.  Corey McPherson was third ahead of Ryan Moyer, as Rich recovered to get fifth. Heat winners were McManus and McPherson.

Frank Magill and Stephen Shelpman led the 12 lap Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stock feature to green with Shelpman advancing to the lead.  Marcus Simmons passed Magill for second on lap 4, before a pair of caution periods on lap 7. Seventh starting Casey Grumling moved to second on the restart, but settled for second as point leader Shelpman won his third feature of the year, and 15th in the division.  Simmons was third, as Magill recovered from a lap 7 spin to get fourth on the last lap over Matt Bernard. Shelpman and Grumling took heat wins.

Andy Garlinger continued his domination of the Four Cylinders, winning his seventh feature of the season to remain undefeated in their 8 lap feature, his 20th win at the track.  Tanya Charlier passed John Gill for second on the final lap, as Craig Rudolph was unable to start.

Starting fifth in the five-car Young Gun feature was not an issue for Susie Rudolph, as she raced to the lead before the end of the first lap and held it through the 8 lap distance to earn her fifth feature win of the season.  Kyle Janas took second over Tony Magill, with Cameron Lambert and Cameron Hollister trailing. It was her 12thwin in the division, which tied her for fourth on the all-time division win list.

Notes – Drivers collected money during intermission for Hobby Stock driver Randy DeBerardinis, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor requiring surgery.  Teams and fans responded by collecting over $2300 for him and his family. Hobby Stock winner Shelpman announced that he was donating his winner’s share to the cause.

Results for Saturday, July 27, 2019

BOSS Sprints

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, and driver.

1, 4, 18, Dallas Hewitt

2, 1, 21, Carmen Perigo

3, 2, 33M, Matt Westfall

4, 5, 9G, Cody Gardner

5, 3, 60, Kory Crabtree

6, 8, 82, Mike Miller

7, 10, 119, Chandler Leiby

8, 7, 2DI, Dustin Ingle

9, 9, 9, Dustin Webber

10, 19, 1H, Korbyn Hayslett

11, 13, 27K, Jeremy Kornbau

12, 14, 5, Bob McMillin

13, 12, 31L, Buddy Lowther

14, 16, 320, George Willard

15, 11, 34, Parker Frederickson

16, 6, 86, Rick Holley

Did not start, 15, 23, Bobby Springer

Did not start, 17, 53, Steve Little

Did not start, 18, 6, Todd Burgard

Heat 1

1, 3, 60, Kory Crabtree

2, 2, 18, Dallas Hewitt

3, 4, 2DI, Dustin Ingle

4, 6, 119, Chandler Leiby

5, 5, 27K, Jeremy Kornbau

6, 7, 320, George Willard

7, 1, 1H, Korbyn Hayslett

Heat 2

1, 2, 86, Rick Holley

2, 4, 9G, Cody Gardner

3, 1, 82, Mike Miller

4, 5, 34, Parker Frederickson

5, 6, 5, Bob McMillin

6, 3, 53, Steve Little

Heat 3

1, 4, 21, Carmen Perigo

2, 3, 33M, Matt Westfall

3, 2, 9, Dustin Webber

4, 1, 31L, Buddy Lowther

5, 5, 23, Bobby Springer

6, 6, 6, Todd Burgard

RUSH Sprints

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 1, 4J, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

2, 2, 27M, Zach Morrow, Gibsonia

3, 3, 8, Bryan Woodhall, Apollo

4, 7, 41, Jeremy Weaver, Stoneboro

5, 5, 27H, Brandon Hawkins, Salina

6, 9, 10, Brandon Blackshear, Brookfield, OH

7, 8, 21, Steve Pedley, Seneca

8, 4, 27D, David Hawkins, Lower Burrell

9, 11, 69, Brian Hartzell, Oil City

10, 10, 55, Matthew Sherlock, Beaver Falls

11, 6, 19, Bradley Blackshear, Brookfield, OH

Heat 1

1, 2, 27M, Zach Morrow

2, 5, 4J, John Mollick

3, 6, 19, Bradley Blackshear

4, 4, 41, Jeremy Weaver

5, 1, 10, Brandon Blackshear

6, 3, 69, Brian Hartzell

Heat 2

1, 3, 27H, Brandon Hawkins

2, 5, 8, Bryan Woodhall

3, 2, 27D, David Hawkins

4, 1, 21, Steve Pedley

5, 4, 55, Matthew Sherlock

Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Models

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 10, 48, Colton Flinner, Allison Park

2, 11, 90J, Michael Duritsky, Jr., Masontown

3, 2, 1Z, Logan Zarin, Moon Township

4, 16, 11F, Ryan Frazee, Addison

5, 9, 184, Kyle Lukon, Burgettstown

6, 17, 7K, Jared Kane, Scenery Hill

7, 4, 27, Eric Wilson, Cortland, OH

8, 5, 9R, Mike Reft, Whitehall

9, 18, 14B, Ben Policz, Rices Landing

10, 15, 8, Tommy Schirnhofer, Dormont

11, 20, 09, Bill Kessler, Freedom

12, 14, 3J, Jabo Jablonski, Carnegie

13, 13, 33K, Andrew Koenig, 

14, 23, 15H, Bryan Hoffman, Imperial

15, 24, 55D, Tom Duratz, Carnegie

16, 22, 10, Daryl Charlier, Midway

17, 6, 1ST, Christian Schneider, Warren, OH

18, 1, 93X, Justin Lamb, Findlay Township

19, 21, 27T, Tony White, Hopewell

20, 7, 01, Ron Hall, Hookstown

21, 3, 03, Garrett Paugh, Elkins, WV

22, 12, 60M, John Mollick, Toronto, OH

23, 8, F1, Nico Dabecco, Verona

24, 19, 42D, Russ Kolesar, Pittsburgh

Heat 1

1, 4, 184, Kyle Lukon

2, 6, 03, Garrett Paugh

3, 5, 1ST, Christian Schneider

4, 2, 01, Ron Hall

5, 1, 33K, Andrew Koenig

6, 7, 11F, Ryan Frazee

7, 3, 42D, Russ Kolesar

8, 8, 10, Daryl Charlier

Heat 2

1, 2, F1, Nico Dabecco

2, 1, 9R, Mike Reft

3, 7, 27, Eric Wilson

4, 5, 90J, Michael Duritsky, Jr.

5, 3, 3J, Jabo Jablonski

6, 6, 7K, Jared Kane

7, 8, 09, Bill Kessler

8, 4, 15H, Bryan Hoffman

Heat 3

1, 2, 48, Colton Flinner

2, 6, 60M, John Mollick

3, 1, 1Z, Logan Zarin

4, 3, 93X, Justin Lamb

5, 5, 8, Tommy Schirnhofer

6, 8, 14B, Ben Policz

7, 4, 27T, Tony White

8, 7, 55D, Tom Duratz

Pro Stocks

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, 114, Dave McManus, Elizabeth

2, 4, 10, Nick Kocuba, Bulger

3, 5, C33, Corey McPherson, Gibsonia

4, 3, 13X, Ryan Moyer, Portersville

5, 6, 67X, Danny Rich, Imperial

6, 1, 47X, Justin Lamb, Findlay Township

7, 7, 36, A.J. Poljak, Baldwin

8, 10, 18, Mike Harris, Bridgeville

9, 8, 77, Heath Close, Shaler

Did not start, 9, 22JR, Chase Lambert, .

Heat 1

1, 3, 114, Dave McManus

2, 1, 10, Nick Kocuba

3, 5, 13X, Ryan Moyer

4, 4, 36, A.J. Poljak

5, 2, 22JR, Chase Lambert

Heat 2

1, 2, C33, Corey McPherson

2, 3, 67X, Danny Rich

3, 4, 47X, Justin Lamb

4, 5, 77, Heath Close

5, 1, 18, Mike Harris

Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 2, 17S, Stephen Shelpman, Pleasant Hills

2, 7, 77X, Casey Grumling, Elrama

3, 6, 68X, Marcus Simmons, Beaver Falls

4, 1, 05, Frank Magill, Jefferson Hills

5, 5, 15B, Matt Bernard, Oakdale

6, 10, 13, Ben Anton, Jefferson Hills

7, 12, 221K, Karlee Kovacs, Carnegie

8, 4, 11, John Hollister, McDonald

9, 3, 29, Adam Ferree, Jefferson Hills

10, 11, 17P, Tom Anton, Jefferson Hills

11, 9, 16A, Andrew Sutton, Monaca

12, 8, 171, Kayla McManus, Elizabeth

Heat 1

1, 6, 17S, Stephen Shelpman

2, 5, 68X, Marcus Simmons

3, 4, 05, Frank Magill

4, 2, 11, John Hollister

5, 3, 16A, Andrew Sutton

6, 1, 17P, Tom Anton

Heat 2

1, 6, 77X, Casey Grumling

2, 1, 29, Adam Ferree

3, 5, 15B, Matt Bernard

4, 2, 171, Kayla McManus

5, 3, 13, Ben Anton

6, 4, 221K, Karlee Kovacs

Four Cylinders

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 3, R88, Andy Garlinger, Hopedale, OH

2, 1, 21, Tanya Charlier, Midway

3, 2, 19G, John Gill, Burgettstown

Did not start, 5R, Craig Rudolph, Steubenville, OH

Young Guns

Feature results with finish position, start position, car number, driver, and hometown.

1, 5, 55, Susie Rudolph, Steubenville, OH

2, 4, 88, Kyle Janas, Coraopolis

3, 1, 05, Tony Magill, Jefferson Hills

4, 3, 22, Cameron Lambert, Mars

5, 2, 44, Cameron Hollister, McDonald