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Imperial, PA


By: Rusty Drain,


With fall starting to knock on summer’s door, it would make for a cooler night at Dirt’s Monster Half-Mile, PPMS would see it warm up real fast from the racing action that would take place on Saturday night. The Rush Sportsman Modifieds invaded the Monster Half-Mile for a series race to go along with the five weekly classes, The Diehl Automotive Rush Late Model Dirt Series, the PPMS Pro Stocks, the Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks, the Four Cylinders, and the Young Guns. Each class saw a stout field of cars take the track and do battle to see who would come out on top at night’s end. Some winners saw streaks stay intact while others would pick up their first win of the season and their first career wins in what were some of the hottest action of the season. 


Garrett Krummert (10S), from Ellwood City, would pick up another win in the RUSH Sportsman Modified Dirt Series feature. Nico Dabecco (F1), from Verona, would pick up his first win of the season in the Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Model Dirt Series 20-lap feature event, while Daryl Charlier (114), from Midway, would take the win the Pro Stock division. Frank Magill (05), from Jefferson Hills, would grab his first career Hobby Stock win in the Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stock feature event. Andy Garlinger (R88), from Hopedale, Ohio, would keep his winning streak alive by picking up another win in the Four Cylinder division, while Susie Rudolph (55), from Steubenville, Ohio, would make it eight wins in a row and 10 total wins this season in the Young Guns division. 


Side by side action and, on the edge of your seat racing from the heat races brought everyone to their feet in what would be a thrilling and wild finish in the Diehl Automotive Rush Late Model Dirt Series feature. The event would see Nico Dabecco, from Verona, edging out Tommy Schirnhofer, from Dormont, by just 0.061 of a second at the line, in what would be a rough start for second-starting Schirnhofer, which would see him start towards the end of the pack after an early caution would collect him. With a fresh restart, John Mollick would set the pace again, leaving Schirnhofer with some work to do, giving Dabecco the number two spot on the restart. Mollick would take off and start working on expanding his lead over Dabecco and the rest of the field in looks of picking up another win at Dirt’s Monster Half-Mile. As the race continued, Dabecco was starting to find his line, as Schirnhofer would start reeling in both of the top two drivers coming up through the field with a tattered race car. Hitting the halfway point of the event, hardship would strike the 60M car of Mollick as he would retire to the infield with a flat tire, leaving Dabecco to take over the helm as the laps were winding down in the event with Logan Zarin in second place. As a battle for second with Zarin would ensue, Schirnhofer set his sights on the F1 car of Dabecco, reeling him in and driving side by side for the remaining laps of the event. The height of the race came when the pair were coming off turn four and would see both Schirnhofer and Dabecco neck and neck with Schirnhofer going to the high-side and getting up on the guardrail, trying to squeeze the last bit of horses out of his car, only to fall just shy of putting the 8S into victory lane. Following a crowd-pleaser was Logan Zarin in third, Bobby Springer in fourth and rounding out the top 5  was Eric Hamilton Jr. 


Taking the stage next was the RUSH Sportsman Modifieds with the 19 of Connor King and the C3 of Chas Wolbert picking up heat race wins earlier in the evening. The field would take pace for the 20-lap feature event that saw Kole Holden and Rob Kristyak lead the field as they took the green in what would be a caution-free race. Kristyak would jump out in front with Wolbert right there with him. As racing throughout the pack was heating up, Garrett Krummert of the 10S would start wheeling his way through the field from his fifth-place starting spot to take on the front of the pack. As second through fourth would jockey positions, Kristyak sat comfortably in the top spot, cruising around the track catching up to some lapped-traffic. Krummert would start to find his line and would start working his way to the front, giving Kristyak a run for his money. With the race winding down, both Krummert and Kristyak would be side by side, swapping the lead back and forth and as the lapped-traffic started to thicken, Krummert used it to his advantage pulling away to seal his second win of the season at the Monster Half-Mile. Following Krummert and Kristyak across the line saw heat race winner Chas Wolbert in third, Eric Gabany in fourth and Connor King for the top 5 in the class.


After two, on the edge of your seat features, the PPMS Pro Stocks took to the track in what would be another great, exciting race that saw Nick Kocuba in the 10 and Ryan Moyer of the 13x set the pace for the 15-lap feature event. After a four-car battle for first place coming off of turn four, the next lap until the last lap would see Kocuba and Charlier set battle, as they would run door to door over the next fourteen laps of the event. A.J. Poljak, coming from the sixth place starting spot, would keep knocking on the door but no answer, as the top two cars would run a clean race and start to pull away from the rest of the field. Justin Lamb and Ryan Moyer would battle in the middle of the pack jockeying for the fourth and fifth spots. The battle up front intensified in the closing laps of the race as a lapped car would make the final decision on the outcome, as Charlier would get around the lapped-traffic pulling away with the white flag waving to eventually seal the win, putting the 114 hotrod into victory lane. Following suit was the 10 of Nick Kocuba in second, 36 of A.J. Poljak in third, 47X of Justin Lamb in fourth, and rounding out the top 5 was the 13X of Ryan Moyer.


The final feature of the night would be the Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stock class that would set forth onto the track for their 15-lap feature event. The 13 of Ben Anton would set pace alongside the 68x of Marcus Simmons to bring the field of thirteen cars to the green flag. Like earlier in the night, the action picked up fast as it saw fifth-place starter Frank Magill rocket to the front of the field down the backstretch on the opening lap of the race. Magill, a former Young Guns champion, was not going to be denied as he set his eyes on pulling away from the field going into turns three and four. As the racing action escalated quickly in the middle of the pack, seeing three and four wide with each passing lap, Stephen Shelpman started working his magic as he started navigating his way from the eighth starting spot to move up through the field. As Shelpman worked his way past the top car, Magill worked on pulling away from the field and put on a dominating run. As the race came winding down to the last few laps, a caution would come out for the 79 car of Kaleb Behanna, resetting the field for yet another great finish on the night. As they came to the green flag restart, Magill saw both Simmons and Shelpman breathing down his back as they would take off. Shelpman would slide past Simmons for the second-place spot and set his eyes on reeling down Magill for the top spot. As Shelpman would try over and over to get to the back bumper of Magill, he would not phase the “Young Gun”, as on the last lap, Magill would pull away and pick up his first career Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stock feature win. Following in order was Shelpman in second, the 68X of Simmons in third, the 00K of Kayla McManus in fourth, and rounding out the top five was the 13 of Ben Anton.


In the Four Cylinder division earlier that evening, Andy Garlinger would continue his dominating season, picking up another feature win over second-place finisher Tanya Charlier in the 8-lap main event that would see Garlinger pull away from the field after a three-lap battle with Charlier. Following Garlinger to the line was Charlier (21) in second. Garlinger has won every Four Cylinder feature this season at PPMS. The Four Cylinders did not run a heat race with only a two-car field.  


In the Young Gun division, PPMS would see the 44 of Cameron Hollister set the field with the 223 of Cameron Lambert to the green flag of the eight-lap main event. It would be the Susie Rudolph show as she would take over the top spot coming from her fifth-place starting spot going down the back straight away. After an early caution that would see the 44 of Hollister retire from the event, Rudolph would pull away from an all race battle between the 88 of Kyle Janas and 05 of Tony Magill. As the dust settled, PPMS would see another dominating finish from the young lady as she would pick up another win onto an already impressive season. Rudolph now has 10 wins on the season with eight in a row. Kyle Janas would edge out third-place finisher Magill by 0.482 seconds for the second-place spot in the event. The Young Guns did not run a heat race. 


Join us next week at PPMS as racing resumes for Dirt’s Monster Half-Mile, as a Summer Sizzler Series event will take place with the Miley Motor Sports Rumble for the Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Model Dirt Series. Also on the slate for next week will be the RUSH Sprint Car Series and another visit from the RUSH Sportsman Modified Dirt Series, along with the weekly series divisions including the PPMS Pro Stocks, the Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks, the Four Cylinders, and the Young Guns. Gates open at 5 p.m., hot laps begin at 6 p.m., and the racing action will begin at 7 p.m. Visit our website for all of the pricing and ticket information.



Diehl Automotive RUSH Late Models


1-5 – Nico Dabecco (F1) – Verona 

2-2 – Tommy Schirnhofer (8S) – Dormont

3-4 – Logan Zarin (1Z) – Moon 

4-6 – Bobby Springer (42S) – Clinton

5-10 – Eric Hamilton Jr. (33X)

6-11 – Heath Close (77H) – Shaler 

7-7 – D.J. Nakutis (31) – Plum 

8-13 – John Boring III (58B) – Valley Grove, WV

9-9 – Paul Jablobski (3J) – Carnegie 

10-1 – John Mollick (60M) – Toronto, OH

11- 8 – Ben Policz (14B) – Rices Landing 

12-3 – Ron Hall (01H) – Hookstown 

DNS Colby Beighey (36B) – Taylor, MI 


Heat 1

1 (3) Tommy Schirnhofer-8S, 2 (5) Nico Dabecco-F1, 3 (4) Bobby Springer-42, 4 (1) D.J. Nakutis-31, 5 (6) Paul Jablonski (3J), 6 (2) Heath Close-31, 7 (7) John Boring III-58B


Heat 2

1 (1) Ben Policz-14B, 2 (5) Logan Zarin-1Z, 3 (6) John Mollick-60M, 4 (4) Ron Hall-01H, 5 (2) Eric Hamilton Jr.- 33X, 6 (3) Colby Beighey-36B


RUSH Sportsman Modifieds


1-5 – Garrett Krummert (10S) – Ellwood City 

2-2 – Rob Kristyak (00)

3-8 – Chas Wolbert (C3) Howland, OH 

4-6 – Eric Gabany (4S)

5-7 – Connor King (19)

6-1 – Kole Holden (2) – Tiona 

7-3 – Jessica Kriegisch (63) – Ellwood City 

8-10 – Tony Tatgenhorst (63T) – Columbiana, OH 

9-9 – Chelsie Kriegisch (10) – Ellwood City 

10-4 – Kyle Martel (8M) – Rootstown, OH 

11-11 – Kyle Fink (44)

12-17 – Jeff Schaffer Jr. (14S) 

13-13 – Cameron Nastasi (615)

14-12 – Rick Regalsia (11B)

15-16 – Amelia Clay (16C) – Warren, OH 

16-14 – Greg Porter (25)

17-15 – Nathan McDowell (11G)

18-18 – Jacob Jordan (28J) – Aliquippa 


Heat 1

1 (9) Connor King-19, 2 (3) Jessica Kriegisch-63, 3 (7) Kyle Martel-8M, 4 (5) Eric Gabany-4S, 5 (6) Chelsie Kriegisch-10, 6 (1) Kyle Fink-44, 7 (2) Cameron Nastasi-615, 8 (4) Nathan McDowell-11G, 9 (8) Jeff Schaffer Jr.-14S


Heat 2

1 (8) Chas Wolbert-C3, 2 (6) Kole Holden-2, 3 (3) Garrett Krummert-10S, 4 (7) Rob Kristyak-00, 5 (9) Tony Tatgenhorst-63T, 6 (2) Rick Regalsia-11B, 7 (5) Greg Porter-25, 8 (4) Amelia Clay-16C, 9 (1) Jacob Jordan-28J


PPMS Pro Stock


1-3 – Daryl Charlier (114) – Midway 

2-1 – Nick Kocuba (10) – Bulger 

3-6 – A.J. Poljak (36) – Baldwin 

4-5 – Justin Lamb (47X) – Findlay Township 

5-2 – Ryan Moyer (13X) – Portersville 

6-4 – Mike Harris (18) – Bridgeville 

7-7 – Robert Betz (81) – South Heights

8-8 – Danny Rich (67X) – Imperial 


Heat 1

1 (1) Nick Kocuba-10, 2 (4) Daryl Charlier-114, 3 (5) Ryan Moyer-13X, 4 (3) Mike Harris-18, 5 (6) Justin Lamb-47X, 6 (8) A.J. Poljak-36, 7 (7) Robert Betz-81, 8 (2) Danny Rich-67X


Keystone Coach Works Hobby Stocks


1-6 – Frank Magill (05) – Jefferson Hills 

2-8 – Stephen Shel[man (17S) – Pleasant Hills 

3-2 – Marcus Simmons (68X) – Beaver Falls 

4-5 – Kayla McManus (00K) – Elizabeth 

5-1 – Ben Anton (13) – Jefferson Hills 

6-7 – Matt Bernard (15B) – Oakdale 

7-4 – Karlee Kovacs (221K) – Carnegie 

8-10 – Cody Koteles (1K) 

9- 3 – Ed Shelpman (17P) – Pleasant Hills 

10-9 – John Hollister (77X) – McDonald 

11-11 Tom Anton (313) – Jefferson Hills 

12-12 Kaleb Behanna (79) – Finleyville 

13-13 Andrew Sutton (16A) – Monaca 

DNS Jeff C. (6)


Heat 1

1 (5) Frank Magill-05, 2 (2) Marcus Simmons-68X, 3 (4) Karlee Kovacs-221K, 4 (3) Ben Anton-13, 5 (7) John Hollister-77X, 6 (1) Tom Anton-313, 7 (6) Kaleb Behanna-79


Heat 2

1 (2) Stephen Shelpman-17s, 2 (1) Matt Bernard-15B, 3 (5) Kayla McManus-00K, 4 (4) Ed Shelpman-17P, 5 (6) Cody Koteles-1K, 6 (7) Jeff C.-6, 7 (3) Andrew Sutton-16A



1-2 – Andy Garlinger (R88) – Hopedale, OH 

2-1 – Tanya Charlier (21) – Midway 


The 4 cylinders did not run a heat race.


Young Guns

1-5 – Susie Rudolph (55) – Steubenville, OH 

2-4 – Kyle Janas (88) – Coraopolis 

3-3 – Tony MaGill (05) – Jefferson Hills 

4-2 – Cameron Lambert (223) – Mars 

5-1 – Cameron Hollister (44) – McDonald 


The Young Guns did not run a heat race.