Imperial, PA

The skies would eventually clear for a beautiful night of racing and family entertainment, despite Mother Nature acting like she wanted nothing more than to ruin the 33rd running of the Jook George Memorial for the Rohrich RUSH Touring Series presented by Hovis Truck and Auto. The Steel City Classic is one of the most prestigious races in Western Pennsylvania and the 33rd year would go down as a barn burner.

36 Rohrich RUSH Late Models were on hand on Saturday night to try and etch their names in the history books next to some of the most prestigious late model drivers to ever come out of the area. PPMS would see qualifying, six heat races, two b-mains, a six-lap dash, and four feature events. Logan Roberson (17R), from Waynesboro, Virginia, would outdistance a stout field of Rohrich RUSH Late Models to pick up his first Jook George Memorial Steel City Classic win and take $7,700 to the bank. Kayla McManus (00K), from Elizabeth, would get her first career win in a RUSH Late Model when she won the 12-lap Non-Qualifiers feature. Nick Kocuba (10), from Burgettstown, would get another win for the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks, and Matt Benard (15), from Oakdale, made a late race pass to edge out Tony Magill (5) in the Cheplic Packing Hobby Stock (15) – lap feature. 

The Rohrich RUSH Late Models for the RUSH Touring Series would qualify in groups of three and Logan Roberson (17R) would set the overall fastest time with a time of 19.193. Once qualifying was over, four heat races would take place. The top two drivers from each heat race would redraw for the dash and the top five from each heat race made it into the show. The rest would have to try to fight their way through one of two b-mains. Roberson (17R) would start second in the six-lap dash next to Michael Duritsky (90J), from Masontown. Roberson (17R) would have the lead by the time they came out of turn two and he led all six laps of the dash which gave him the pole position in the 50-lap feature event. 

With Roberson (17R) now the pole sitter for arguably one of the biggest races of his young career, he would be accompanied on the front row by Daryl Charlier (3RK), from Midway. The second row consisted of Kyle Lukon (184L), from Burgettstown, starting in third, and back-to-back winner and defending 2021 Jook George Memorial champion, Michael Norris (N1), from Sarver, starting in fourth. When the green flag dropped at the start of the 50-lap event, a mad-dash to the front would ensue with Charlier (3RK), Roberson (17R), and Lukon (184L) going three-wide through turns three and four with Roberson (17R) barley squeezing out the early lead. That lead was short-lived as Charlier (3RK) would take over the lead by the end of lap one. Lap three had Charlier (3RK) still leading the field with Roberson (17R) in second, Duritsky (90J) in third, Reft (9R) in fourth, and Norris (N1) holding down the top five. On laps, four and five, Roberson (17R) began to run side by side with Charlier (3RK), but a lap five caution would slow the pace and re-rack the field. Charlier (3RK) would take the low side on the restart and as the field was pacing through turns three and four coming to the green, Josh Stoica (84S) would make contact with Greg Goble (20G) from behind, but the race director restarted the race as planned. As the field roared into turns one and two, a pileup would collect a few cars and bring out another caution. In the mix was Joe Martin (10S), Dan Lepro (2L), and Tony Musolino (42D) seemed to get the worst of it but all of the drivers were okay. Charlier (3RK) would again choose the inside on the restart and when the green flag waved, track officials would call a “no-start” because Roberson (17R) did not wait for the leader to start the race. Roberson (17R) would be penalized, put back a row, and this time, the field was able to return to green flag conditions. However, Norris (N1) would steal the lead on the restart. With Norris (N1) as their leader, the field would complete eight more laps before a caution on lap 13 would slow the pace for the 3J of Jeremy Wonderling who had a left front flat tire. This time around, Norris (N1) would lead the restart and also opt for the inside lane. When green replaced yellow, Norris (N1) would keep his lead with the rest of the top five being shuffled around like a deck of cards. At the halfway point, Norris (N1) and the front runners would start to dance their way through lapped traffic. Using the lapped traffic to his advantage, Roberson (17R) was able to reel in Norris (N1) and he would try to make the pass for the lead several times over the next five laps. Roberson (17R) would eventually pass Norris (N1) for the lead on lap 30 but Norris (N1) would stay right on his tail. A red light would come on lap 31 when Norris (N1) got squeezed out by a lapped car on the front stretch that didn’t know he was there. Norris (N1) crashed into the safety fencing as he rode the outside guardrail and then landed upside down on the track. Norris (N1) was okay and was out of his car before safety crews arrived. Safety crews and PPMS staff would get the mess cleaned up and the cars lined up again to complete the remaining 19 laps of the event. Just as the field was pulling away to get lined up, Charlier (3RK) had to go into the pits to have a flat tire replaced. Charlier (3RK) was running third at the time and he would make it back out to tag the rear of the field before the green flag waved. Once the green flag waved, Roberson (17R) would retain his lead over the field and it appeared that those remaining 19 laps would run caution free, however, on lap 48, the event’s final caution would come for a car that had trouble in turn three. Roberson (17R) would choose the inside on the restart and he had Lukon (184) to his outside in second, Shaffer (45) in third, Reft (9R) in fourth, and Charlier (3RK) had already made his way back to the fifth spot after being forced to tag the field earlier in the race. When green replaced yellow for the final time in the event, Roberson (17R) would keep his lead despite their being a mad-dash for it with several cars involved. Roberson (17R) was able to hold off the rest of the field, lead the remaining two laps, and win his first career Jook George Memorial Steel City Classic. He was followed to the line by Lukon (184L) in second, Shaffer (45) in third, Justin Chance (184C) in fourth after starting 22nd, and Reft (9R) would complete the top five. The heat race winners were Roberson (17R), Reft (9R), Petrelle (84P), and Ben Policz (14B). 

In the RUSH Non-Qualifier 12-lap feature, Jim Rasey (21J), from Southington, Ohio, would start on the pole while Kayla McManus (00K) would start to his outside in second place. Kassidy Kamicker (72B), from Aliquippa, and Noah Brunell (31), from New Alexandria, would make up the second row, while Tom Klein (77), from Rochester, would start in fifth, and Jonathan Stockdale (31), from Novelty, Ohio, would complete the top three starting rows. When the green flag waved, Rasey (21J) would appear to have the early lead, but McManus (00K) would claim the top spot by the end of the first lap. With McManus (00K) still leading, lap three had Rasey (21J) in second, Brunell (31) in third, Kamicker (72B) in fourth, and Klein (77) in fifth. The event would go green to checkers in record fashion with McManus (00K) leading all laps of the event which allowed her to pick up her first career RUSH Late Model win. She was followed to the line by Brunell (31) in second, Rasey (21J) in third, Kamicker (72B) in fourth, and Klein (77) would round out the top five. 

Nick Kocuba (10) would start on the pole in the Penn Ohio Pro Stock 15-lap feature event. Current PPMS Penn Ohio Pro Stock points leader, AJ Poljak (36), from Baldwin, would start in second while Brian Huchko (60H), from Coraopolis, would start in third, and Tanya Charlier (21), from Midway, would complete the top two starting rows. When the green flag waved, Kocuba (10) would take advantage of the early lead. Poljak (36) was right on his rear bumper in second, Huchko (60H) third, and T. Charlier (21) in fourth. Lap three saw Kocuba (10) make a mistake coming out of turn four which allowed Poljak (36) to take over the lead but not before the pair made contact but were able to keep racing. Lap four saw the event’s first caution when T. Charlier (21) spun out in turn four. Poljak (36) would take the inside on the restart, and when green replaced yellow, Poljak (36) would briefly keep his lead, as Kocuba (10) would once again take over the lead on lap five. The event’s final caution would come on lap seven for a car that had trouble in turn four. Kocuba (10) would lead the restart, keep his lead, and go on to pick up his second PPMS Penn Ohio Pro Stock win of the season. He was followed by Poljak (36) in second, T. Charlier (21) in third, and Huchko (60H) finished fourth. The heat race winner was Kocuba (10). 

Last but not least was the Cheplic Packing Hobby Stock 15-lap feature and the Hobby Stocks did not disappoint, especially in the remaining few laps of the event. At the beginning of the race, Frank Magill (05), from Jefferson Hills, was starting on the pole while Matt Benard (15) would start to his outside in second. Tony Magill (5), from Jefferson Hills, and Gary Koteles (65K), from Stockdale, made up the second starting row. Row three had Logan Koteles (64K), from Stockdale, starting in fifth, and Marc Corio (14), from South Fayette, would complete the first three starting rows. When the field took the green flag, F. Magill (05) would jump out to the early lead with brother Tony (5) following him into second, and G. Koteles (65K) was already up to third. On lap three, G. Koteles (65K) would pass T. Magill (5) for second, as F. Magill (05) continued to lead the field. The top five would stay the same through lap nine while G. Koteles (65K) continued to gain on the leader. It looked like G. Koteles (65K) was going to take over the lead on lap 10, but F. Magill (05) would shut the door and retain his lead. The front runners would enter lapped traffic on lap 12 with three laps to go. As G. Koteles (65K) and F. Magill (05) took the white flag, G. Koteles (65K) was able to take over the lead. As the duo came through turns three and four, F. Magill (05) would stay on the low side trying to make the pass for the win. However, he would spin out and collect G. Koteles (65K) in the process which brought out the event’s lone caution. G. Koteles (65K) had a flat left front tire and would retire to the pits while F. Magill (05) would tag the field. Since F. Magill (05) and G. Koteles (65K) were the caution cars, the new leader would be T. Magill (5). T. Magill (5) would take the outside on the restart with Benard (15) to his inside. They would come to the white flag with T. Magill (5) in the lead, Benard (15) in second, and L. Koteles (64K) in third. As they came off of turn four, Benard (15) would stay to the low side and he would beat T. Magill (5) in a drag race to the finish line. T. Magill (5) would settle for second, L. Koteles (64K) was third, F. Magill (05) was fourth, and Corio (14) would round out the top five. The heat race winner was Frank Magill (05). 

Racing resumes at Dirt’s Monster Half Mile, next Saturday, August 13, 2022, for the Cheplic Packing Hobby Stock Series Wee Willie White Memorial paying $1,055 to win. Kids Bike Races Will Take Place On The Front Stretch *** KIDS 2-16 MUST WEAR A HELMET *** Also on the card are the Rohrich RUSH Dirt Late Models, the PPMS Penn Ohio Pro Stocks, the Crawford Auto Repair Four-Cylinders, and the All Way Safe Young Guns. Gates open at 5 p.m., hot laps begin at 6 p.m., and the racing action will begin at 7 p.m. Visit our schedule section for pricing and tickets. PPMS has a GPS address of 170 Kelso Rd, Imperial, PA, 15126, and is located off of the Noblestown Exit of 22/30. 

Happy Racing!




33rd Annual Jook George Memorial Feature (50) – Laps (RUSH LM)

Finishing Spot – Starting Spot – Driver Name (Car Number) – Hometown

1 – 1 – Logan Roberson (17R) – Waynesboro, VA

2 – 3 – Kyle Lukon (184L) – Burgettstown 

3 – 9 – Tim Shaffer (45) – Aliquippa 

4 – 22 – Justin Chance (184C) – Lexington, OH

5 – 6 – Mike Reft (9R) – Pittsburgh 

6 – 14 – Joe Martin (10S) – Punxsutawney 

7 – 8 – Ben Policz (14B) – Rices Landing 

8 – 7 – Michael Duritsky (90J) – Masontown

9 – 17 – Dan Lepro (2L) – Midway

10 – 2 – Daryl Charlier (3RK) – Midway 

11 – 18 – Garret Paugh (03) – Elkins, WV

12 – 19 – Philip Bubeck (4) – Colliers, WV

13 – 5 – Cole Petrelle (84P) – Follansbee, WV

14 – 15 – Matt Latta (21L) – Conneaut Lake, OH

15 – 21 – Jake Gunn (14G) – McDonald 

16 – 20 – Zach Gunn (17G) – McDonald 

17 – 24 – Colby Beighey (36B) – Taylor, MI

18 – 12 – Braden Dillinger (14D) – Dawson

19 – 26 – Josh Stoica (84S) – New Cumberland, WV

20 – 4 – Michael Norris (N1) – Sarver

21 – 10 – Brandon Burgoon (5X) – Kittanning

22 – 16 – Dave Goble (20G) – Aliquippa 

23 – 11 – Jeremy Wonderling (3J) – Wellsville, NY

24 – 25 – Ashton Briggs (11A) – Erie

25 – 13 – Tony Musolino (42D) – Carnegie 

26 – 23 – Breyton Santee (9S) – Conneaut, OH


RUSH – Non Qualifier Feature (12) – Laps

Finishing Spot – Starting Spot – Driver Name (Car Number) – Hometown

1 – 2 – Kayla McManus (00K) – Elizabeth 

2 – 4 – Noah Brunell (31B) – New Alexandria 

3 – 1 – Jim Rasey (21J) – Southington, OH

4 – 3 – Kassidy Kamicker (72B) – Aliquippa 

5 – 5 – Tom Klein (77) – Rochester 

6 – 9 – Joe Squatriglia (15X) – Pittsburgh 

7 – 10 – James Loar (62) – Wiley Ford, WV

8 – 8 – Andy Spooner (85S) – Morgantown, WV

9 – 6 – Jonathan Stockdale (31) – Novelty, OH

DNS – Cody Dawson (36) – Laurel, DE

DNS – Bill Kessler (09) – Freedom


RUSH Late Model Heat 4 (8) – Laps

1-Policz.B 2-Norris.M 3-Dillinger.B 4-Goble.D 5-Gunn.Z 6-Beighey.C 7-Spooner.A 8-Chance.J 9-Loar.J 10-Dawson.C


RUSH Late Model Heat 3 (8) – Laps

1-Petrelle.C 2-Lukon.K 3-Wonderling.J 4-Latta.M 5-Bubeck.P 6-Kamicker.K 7-Stoica.J 8-Klein.T 9-Kessler.B


RUSH Late Model Heat 2 (8) – Laps

1-Reft.M 2-Charlier.D 3-Burgoon.B 4-Martin.J 5-Paugh.G 6-McManus.K 7-Brunell.N 8-Squatriglia.J 9-Santee.B


RUSH Late Model Heat 1 (8) – Laps

1-Roberson.L 2-Duritsky.M(Jr) 3-Shaffer.T 4-Musolino.T 5-Lepro.D 6-Gunn.J 7-Briggs.A 8-Rasey.J 9-Stockdale.J


RUSH Late Model Dash (6) – Laps

1-Roberson.L 2-Charlier.D 3-Lukon.K 4-Norris.M 5-Petrelle.C 6-Reft.M 7-Duritsky.M(Jr) 8-Policz.B


Penn Ohio Pro Stock Feature (15) – Laps

Finishing Spot – Starting Spot – Driver Name (Car Number) – Hometown

1 – 1 – Nick Kocuba (10) – Burgettstown 

2 – 2 – AJ Poljak (36) – Baldwin

3 – 4 – Tanya Charlier (21) – Midway

4 – 3 – Brian Huchko (60H) – Coraopolis 

DNS – Frank Magill (05) – Jefferson Hills


Pro Stock Heat 1 (8) – Laps

Finishing Spot – Driver Name – Car Number – [starting spot]; 

  1. Nick Kocuba – 10 – [1];  2. AJ Poljak – 36 – [3];  3. Brian Huchko – 60H – [5];  4. Tanya Charlier – 21 – [4];  5. Frank Magill – 05 – [2];  


Cheplic Packing Hobby Stock Feature (15) – Laps

Finishing Spot – Starting Spot – Driver Name (Car Number) – Hometown

1 – 2 – Matt Benard (15) – Oakdale 

2 – 3 – Tony Magill (5) – Jefferson Hills

3 – 5 – Logan Koteles (64K) – Stockdale

4 – 1 – Frank Magill (05) – Jefferson Hills

5 – 6 – Marc Corio (14) – South Fayette

6 – 4 – Gary Koteles (65K) – Stockdale

7 – 7 – Jonathan Koteles (2K) – Stockdale

DNS – Garrett O’Patchen (25)


Hobby Stock Heat 1 (8) – Laps

Finishing Spot – Driver Name – Car Number – [starting spot];  

  1. Frank Magill – 05 – [2];  2. Matt Benard – 15 – [1];  3. Tony Magill – 5 – [5];  4. Gary Koteles – 65K – [6];  5. Jonathan Koteles – 2K – [7];  6. Logan Koteles – 64K – [3];  7. Marc Corio – 14 – [4];  8. Garrett O’Patchen – 25 – [8];