IMPERIAL, PA (May 9, 2015)


DIEHL of Robinson Laurel Highlands “RaceSaver” Sprint Series
In their inaugural appearance at Dirt’s Monster Half Mile the DIEHL RaceSaver Sprinters put on quite a show. They quickly found the smooth and quick dust free 90 feet wide Monster to their liking as they tried all the grooves which led to a very fast and exciting feature event. Marcus Defreitas jumped out to the lead on the low side to lead the first 4 circuits. Third starting Jake Gomola found the middle more to his liking, and after a battle with Defreitas, took the lead on lap 5. Several battles were brewing behind the leader, Hunter McCracken found the high side, often the choice of the winged warriors at PPMS, and was making his move to the front. Hunter appeared as though he was going to hunt down the leader Gomola, especially when Gomola slipped sideways in the final corner. Jake Gomola gathered it up just in time to beat hard charging Hunter Defreitas to the line. Gomola climbed atop the wing of his mount to the delight of the fans as he celebrated winning the the inaugural RaceSaver event at the Monster. Miley Motor Sports, our staff and fans thank the Sprint teams for attending, signing autographs, and putting on a great show. We look forward to their Sept 5, 2015 return for round 2!


Pos No. Name Class Laps Total Tm Diff Gap Best Tm Best Speed
1 4J Jake Gomola RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:25.940 18.254 123.261
2 37 Hunter McCracken RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:26.349 0.409 0.409 18.613 120.883
3 29 Rob Bartchey RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:27.405 1.465 1.056 18.462 121.872
4 71 Nicole Walker RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:33.060 7.120 5.655 18.896 119.073
5 55 Ralph Engle Jr. RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:35.449 9.509 2.389 18.748 120.013
6 30 Marcus Defreitas RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:37.927 11.987 2.478 18.295 122.984
7 34E Eliah Omwake RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:44.476 18.536 6.549 19.227 117.023
8 30S Donald Sotosky RACESAVER SPRINTS 20 6:45.119 19.179 0.643 19.403 115.961
9 15 Ed Mesaros RACESAVER SPRINTS 19 6:30.429 1 Lap 1 Lap 19.840 113.407
10 55h Brian Haney RACESAVER SPRINTS 10 3:42.150 10 Laps 9 Laps 20.021 112.382
11 17K Steve Kenawell RACESAVER SPRINTS 5 1:44.381 15 Laps 5 Laps 19.990 112.556


Precise RUSH Late Models
Mike Reft took off from his front row starting spot looking like a sure bet as he built a nice lead. Meanwhile, several drivers were working their way forward when the caution flew for The Steel City Outlaw, Tim Shaffer, with 5 laps in the book. Charlier had come from 7th and was ready to do battle restarting beside Reft on the front row. Charlier won that battle and leaped out front on the high, high side! The speedway was smooth and fast letting the cars that were dialed in work their way to the front, and that’s exactly what 2 time 2015 PPMS Precise Racing RUSH winner Josh Holtgraver was doing as he powered his way from 12th to 2nd on the low side. Holtgraver mounted a few challenges, but in the end Charlier was just to much for him as he sailed to victory inches off the topside wall! Corey MacPherson, the 2014 champ looked strong in his Bob Bentz owned mount as he came from 10th to steal 3rd from Reft late in the race in his first start of the young season. Justin Lamb powered his way from 11th to 5th. Several side by side battles were going on throughout the field making for an exciting event. Heats went to Charlier and Holtgraver.

Several RUSH Team Owners or drivers have indicated their debut is just around the corner. Kolesar, Shirnhofer, Schempp, Hall and others have indicated they will be ready to join the fun soon! We can’t wait as the RUSH racing continues to heat up…Holtgraver 2, Charlier 1, so far! Regular show for the RUSH gang Sat May 16, followed by the RUSH PENNational Sizzler May 23!

Start Finish 5/9/15 Feature
7 1 12 c Daryl Charlier
12 2 00 h Josh Holtgraver
10 3 60C Corey MacPherson
1 4 9R Michael Reft
11 5 93X Justin Lamb
2 6 3 j Paul “Jabo” Jablonski
3 7 15 m Mark Moats
6 8 14B Ben Policz
4 9 10 k Zachary Kane
13 10 22 s Josh Stoica
5 11 45s Tim Shaffer
8 12 12G Brian Goebel
9 13 2M Chuck Medved


Sunoco Sportsman
Todd Weldon wows the veterans in a popular career first Sportsman Feature Win!

Wow, the race of the evening! When only 6 cars pulled out for the Sportsman feature some folks might of headed to the Checkered Flag Food Court for a delicious Holton Meats 1/4 pound all beef burger on a Nickles sesame seed bun Monster Cheeseburger, with a refreshing Mastro Icy cold $1 32 oz fountain drink! When many time PPMS feature winner, veteran Jeff Broniszewski, jumped out to a nice early lead watching on the food court monitor and grabbing a bite seemed like a good choice. Wait, 45JR is in the move! Former Young Gun sensation Todd Weldon had come to race, and the Weldon Racing Family must have belted him in the “A” car for the evening! Weldon steadily reeled in Broniszewski and with only a few laps in the book the race was on. Weldon patiently pressured the veteran lap after lap, wheel to wheel, never touching. What a two car battle for the ages, fans eyes were glued to the two drivers in their ferocious fight for the win. Weldon got a great run off turn four to nose ahead on lap 10. Todd never looked back once he cleared Broniszewski, but fans finally did only to see Nick Kocuba in third with a birds eye view of the exciting race for the win. Kocuba finished a strong 3rd followed by Ostrander, Stumper, and Neubert. Weldon & Broniszewski won the heats. MAKE PLANS TO SEE Western PA’s BIGGEST AND BEST Sportsman event of the season, The $2,017 to win Ed Laboon Memorial May 30, 2015! The Laboon rules package may be used to tune up at the May 23 PPMS event.

Feature Finish DID NOT START
1 45jr Todd Weldon 65w Rich Wilson
2 08 b Jeff Broniszewski 1B Bill Robertson
3 10 k Nick Kocuba 25 L Mark Lee
4 23 d David Ostrander 21D Daniel Black
5 89 s Jameson Stumper
6 73 n Shaun Neubert


Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks
33, was #1 as Devin Black soared to his first feature victory! Devin led all the way, heat, feature, and probably going home on the parkway! It was a night racers dream of as Black pulled out the broom for the sweep over some very good competition. Multiple time HS winners Hannah Ramsey & Steve Pyeritz were 2nd & 3rd, followed by young talent Jacob Wiser and 2014 Young Gun star Karlee Kovacs, both getting faster every week.

Feature Finish 1 33B Devin Black 2 14Her Hannah Ramsey 3 36J Steve Pyeritz 4 OU2 Jr Jacob Wiser 5 221K Karlee Kovacs 6 51 d John Dotten 7 8s Dave Sheriff


Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns
O. B. Huff still puffing, wins Young Gun feature again! The Youngsters are gunning for Huff! Tuche, Sugar, then Tuche again all led, but it was Huff who had the magic to make it happen again winning his 3rd of the year and staying undefeated in 2015!

Feature Finish 1 83H O. B. Huff 2 310 Dale Tuche 3 68X Marc Simmons 4 77 Austin Ostrander 5 D15 David Ostrander 6 71M Crystal Mongelli 7 2J Jarrett Sugar